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The Amazing Accomplishments of the Altman Siblings: Sylvia, Julian and Elmer
This is an amazing story about the Altman siblings: Sylvia, Julian and Elmer. Read about their incredible accomplishments, from graduating high school at 10 to graduating college at 17, and their success in music and radio.
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More Photos of Cardozo High School (formerly Central High School)
Check out these additional photos of Cardozo High School (formerly Central High School) that we dug up. We hope GoDCer Gail enjoys them!
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A Look Back at the Low Hurdle Race at Central High School (Cardozo) in the 1920s
Take a look back in time to the 1920s, when young ladies at Central High School (Cardozo) were competing in the low hurdle race. View the photograph of this incredible moment in history.
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Uncovering the Story of the GWU Girls Rifle Team: When the Colonials Won the National Championship in 1927
In 1927, the GWU girls rifle team won the national championship, making them the highest scoring women's team in the history of rifle shooting. Learn about their incredible story and the success of Central High School in training them to be champions.
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Check out this Photo from 1930: A Lacrosse Game at Central High School
Take a look at this photo from 1930 of a lacrosse game at Central High School (now Cardozo). Check out the British and American teams in their uniforms and find out who won the game!
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Eastern High School: History of The Pride of Capitol Hill
I thought it would be a good to branch out and do a on Eastern High School (check them out on Facebook) near RFK Stadium. It’s a beautiful building at 1700 East Capitol St. NE, originally built in 1923. The original Eastern High School building was building in the 1890s at 7th and C St. SE. This past fall, they started a unique program of enrolling a new ninth grade class, growing the school...
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