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Photographers on platform above crowd at Charles A. Lindbergh speech at the Washington Monument in Washington, D.C.
Charles Lindbergh's Historic 1927 Speech at the Washington Monument
Relive the historic moment when Charles Lindbergh gave a speech at the Washington Monument in 1927. Read the Washington Post article from June 12th, 1927 and see photos of the event.
"Beef Depot Monument" - 1862
The Unfinished Washington Monument: From Eyesore to Beef Depot
Learn the surprising history of the Washington Monument before it was completed. From an eyesore to a beef depot, discover the unique story of this iconic landmark.
unfinished Washington Monument in 1874
Clark Mills' Scathing Letter to the Editor About the Unfinished Washington Monument
Read Clark Mills' scathing letter to the editor about the unfinished Washington Monument. Mills was the sculptor of the Andrew Jackson statue in Lafayette Park. Learn more about this interesting piece from the Washington Post from 1877.
This landscape image features the Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument in Washington, D.C., two of the capital's most recognizable landmarks (date unknown)
The Iconic Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument in Washington, D.C.
Take a look at this iconic image of the Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument in Washington, D.C. Thanks to the Smithsonian for the photo. Learn more about these D.C. landmarks today!
West Executive Ave. and the Washington Monument (1919)
Exploring the Smithsonian's Historic Photos of the West Wing and Washington Monument
Take a trip down memory lane with us as we explore the Smithsonian's archives of historic photos of the West Wing and the Washington Monument. See the stunning photos of DC's past! #Smithsonian #WestWing #WashingtonMonument
P. Hohmann Saloon
Exploring the Lost History of Mullany's Saloon and its Neighbor, P. Hohmann's Saloon
Explore the lost history of Mullany's Saloon and its neighbor, P. Hohmann's Saloon, with a photograph of the Washington Monument in the background. Plus, a 1913 map of Ohio Ave. and 14th St. to match!
Washington, D.C., circa 1921. "Aerial view looking toward Capitol and Washington Monument." National Photo Company Collection glass negative.
A Look Back in Time: An Aerial View of Washington, D.C. Circa 1921
Take a journey back in time and explore this aerial view of Washington, D.C. circa 1921. In the foreground, you can see the Red Cross building and in the background, the Washington Monument and the Old Post Office Building. Click on the photo for a larger image.
proposed Washington Monument
Unveiling a Tacky Proposal to Finish the Washington Monument (Dated 1889)
Check out this tacky proposal to finish the Washington Monument. The date on the drawing is 1889, however the monument was completed and dedicated in 1885. See the proposed design and learn more about the history of the monument.
Screenshot 2012-11-18 at 11.34
In The Paper: The National Republican – February 21st, 1885, the Day the Washington Monument Was Dedicated
Read the front page of The National Republican from February 21st, 1885, the day the Washington Monument was dedicated. In our "In The Paper" series, explore the history of the nation's capital as presented in local newspapers.
New York Avenue after the riots in 1968
Exploring Washington, D.C. Through the Photos of GoDCer Tony, a D.C. Native
Explore Washington, D.C. through the eyes of GoDCer Tony - a D.C. native. Tony's father was a pilot with Eastern Airlines and he's shared some of his photos, including shots of National Airport (not Reagan), the 1962 MLB All-Star Game at D.C. Stadium (i.e., RFK) and more!

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