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Exploring the Lost History of Mullany’s Saloon and its Neighbor, P. Hohmann’s Saloon

P. Hohmann Saloon
Explore the lost history of Mullany's Saloon and its neighbor, P. Hohmann's Saloon, with a photograph of the Washington Monument in the background. Plus, a 1913 map of Ohio Ave. and 14th St. to match!
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Here is another excellent old saloon from 1913, lost to history. Mullany’s Saloon had a neighbor with Hohmann’s Saloon. The most amazing part of this photograph is the Washington Monument peeking out in the background. The saloon stood at the corner of 14th St. and Ohio Ave. (before it was moved).

P. Hohmann Saloon
P. Hohmann Saloon

This has to be one of our favorite photographs and the best part is, we matched it up with the Baist map from 1913. Check that out below.

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1913 map of Ohio Ave. and 14th St.
1913 map of Ohio Ave. and 14th St.

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