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Washington Monument

digging the Washington Monument foundation

Building the Washington Monument’s Foundation

These are two amazing images that we dug up on the Internet. The first shows the construction of a concrete foundation for the structure. The second shows the team digging down to make the...
Proposed design for the completion of the Washington Monument, Washington, D.C.

Unbuilt Proposed Design for Washington Monument (1877)

Check out this cool proposed design to finish the Washington Monument. Construction didn’t restart on the unfinished monument until 1879 after Congress appropriated another $200,000 to complete it. Below is one of the proposals...
view northwest from the Washington Monument in 1894

Incredible Northwest View from Washington Monument (1894)

Forgive us if we posted this before, but we can’t remember, and second … it’s amazing, so you should check it out (and share this on Facebook with your friends). Source: Cornell University Library
southern view of the Jefferson Memorial (1942)

Jefferson Memorial and Capitol Seen From Washington Monument (1942)

Check out this cool photo that we dug up on Flickr. It was taken in 1942, and the Jefferson Memorial is not quite ready for dedication. It would open on April 13th, 1943. And...

Capstone Placed on the Washington Monument

Here’s a drawing we found from the Library of Congress depicting the finishing touches on the Washington Monument – the placement of the capstone. This capstone, made of aluminum, was placed atop the monument...
Washington Monument from old State, War, and Navy Buildin

Washington Monument Seen from State, War, and Navy Building

Here’s a terrific old photograph that we dug up. We’ve never seen this angle before, showing the top of the Washington Monument, as viewed from the old State, War, and Navy Building. Source: Boston...
views from the Washington Monument

Amazing Views from the Washington Monument in 1924

What a different Washington. Check out these views from the Washington Monument in 1924. Make sure you click on them for greater details.   Source: Boston Public Library
1919. "Washington Monument, view from air." Harris & Ewing.

Washington Monument Seen From Above (1919)

Here’s a photo of something that you’re not likely to see today. It’s a shot of the Washington Monument, taken from an airplane directly above it. Source: Shorpy
View from the south tower of Healy Hall at Georgetown University, looking towards Washington, D.C., with the Washington monument in the distance

Great View of Washington Monument from Georgetown

This is a terrific old photograph from the south tower of Healy Hall. It’s looking over the Potomac River toward the Washington Monument in 1890. Source: Georgetown University Library