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Washington Bathing Beach

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Capturing Timeless Beauty: A Look Back at the 1922 Annual Beauty Contest at the Washington Bathing Beach
Step back in time to the 1922 Annual Beauty Contest at the Washington Bathing Beach. Explore the stunning winners and fashion trends of the era.
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Bathing Suit Police at the Tidal Basin
The photograph is Washington police officer Bill Norton measuring the distance between the knee and the swimsuit.
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The Uncomfortable Heat Wave: The Poor Girl Who Had to Pose for a Photo in 1923 Washington, D.C.
This poor little girl had to pose for a photo in the unbearable heat of 1923 Washington, D.C. She had to hold a doll, a B.F. Keith's sign, and a parasol, while sitting on the sand, and the expression on her face is heartbreaking.
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Kicking Off Summer in 1923: Potomac Bathing Beach (Shorpy)
Relive Memorial Day weekend 1923 at Potomac Bathing Beach! This amazing photo from Shorpy shows kids in the waters, kicking off summer in style. Click on the image for a closer look.
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A Look Back at Washington's Old Tidal Basin Bathing Beach
Take a nostalgic look back at Washington's old Tidal Basin bathing beach and imagine what it was like to swim there in 1920. Read more to find out!
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