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model of proposed White House changes

Fascinating Unbuilt Expansion of the White House (1892)

During the administration of President Benjamin Harrison, there was a push to renovate the Executive Mansion, bringing it up to the elegant standards of European castles. This was to reflect the growing importance of America and would be an ostentatious

Sleeping porch on the roof of the White House Erected during the Taft Administration

President Taft’s Sleeping Porch at the White House

Seems odd that the President would sleep outside, but this was Washington before air conditioning. I’m sure it was miserable living here during the summer. Frankly, it still is pretty miserable during the summer. Source: Library of Congress

Cheney and Rumsfeld in 1975

Cheney Steps Out of Rumsfeld’s Shadow

This is a fascinating old article from The Washington Post, printed on Thursday, november 6th, 1975. Dick Cheney was about to replace Donald Rumsfeld as President Ford’s Chief of Staff. The second most powerful office in the White House changed hands

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