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White House fence

Bizarre Suicide at the White House Fence

This is such a bizarre story, not unlike the horse that impaled itself on that same fence. This story was printed in the Baltimore Sun on October 11th, 1890. Washington, Oct. 10.–One of the most remarkable suicided ever known in

1955 Home Movie of White House Visit

This is a great find from archive.org. We dug up an old home movie of a family’s visit to Washington and the White House. When you watch it, you’ll be shocked to see how different the times were (i.e., security

General view of the city from the south toward the Treasury Building and the White House. Cows are grazing near Tiber Creek.

When Cows Grazed by the White House

This is so amazing. The National Archives has a ton of incredible photographs that we dug through this past weekend. Check this out. You can clearly see the Treasury Department and the White House to its left. The photo was

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