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Franklin Square in the snow - April 9th, 1889
The History of Franklin Square: From Natural Spring Water to Civil War Barracks
Explore the fascinating history of Franklin Square, from its natural spring water that supplied the White House in the 1800s to the Civil War barracks that occupied the park in 1861. Learn about the history of this 4.79-acre city square park in Washington, DC.
concert on the South Lawn in 1921
A Look at Concerts on the White House South Lawn from 1921 to 2009
Take a look at the history of concerts held on the White House South Lawn, from 1921 to 2009. See photos of the United States Marine Corps Band performing in 1921 and the Foo Fighters in 2009.
Visitors waiting in line to shake hands with the President (circa 1921)
Times Were Different: Check Out This Photo of a Massive Crowd Pushing Their Way Into the White House
Take a look back in time with this amazing photo of a massive crowd pushing their way into the White House to shake the hand of President Calvin Coolidge. Times sure were different!
Major Russell Harrison and Harrison children--Baby McKee and sister on goat cart
A Sight You're Unlikely to See Today: Kids Riding a Goat Cart on the South Lawn
Take a look back in time to a sight you're unlikely to see today: kids riding a goat cart on the South Lawn. Major Russell Harrison and his children provide a glimpse of quaint times gone by.
State, War and Navy Building
Experience the Grandeur of the State, War and Navy Building Around the Turn of the Century
Take a journey back to the turn of the century with this old photo of the grand State, War and Navy Building. Explore the incredible history and architecture of this remarkable building.
Policeman standing guard at entrance to White House
A Look Back: A Policeman Standing Guard at the White House in the Early 1900s
Take a look back in time to the early 1900s with this photo of a policeman standing guard at the entrance to the White House, taken by Frances Benjamin Johnston.
Four adults and six children, from Passaic, N.J., picket the White House following President Coolidge's refusal to listen to their complaints about wage cuts in the textile industry
A Rare Moment in Time: A Photograph from the Library of Congress, Circa 1926
This is a rare and unique glimpse back in time to 1926. The photograph from the Library of Congress shows four adults and six children from Passaic, N.J. protesting wage cuts in the textile industry outside the White House. It's definitely not something you're likely to see these days!
Screen Shot 2013-02-22 at 9.57
Southeast Garden at the White House in 1921
Terrific colorized image of the White House from 1921.
White House daguerreotype by John Plumbe, Jr. in 1846 (Library of Congress)
The Haunted White House: Ghosts, Superstition and the Executive Mansion
Explore the allegedly haunted White House in this blog post. Read about the superstitions and ghostly tales that have been linked to the White House over the years, including stories of John Quincy Adams, "Black Jack" Logan, and more.
Screen Shot 2013-02-13 at 11.59
GoDCers' Love of Old Baist Maps: Get Two-for-One!
GoDCers love old Baist maps so much that they're giving you a two-for-one deal! Check out the historic photos of the east and west sides of the White House in 1903!

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