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Truman's proposed West Wing expansion

Truman’s Proposed Extension to the West Wing Didn’t Happen

I'm not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing, but the extension proposed by Harry Truman was never built. He...
Sleeping porch on the roof of the White House Erected during the Taft Administration

President Taft’s Sleeping Porch at the White House

Seems odd that the President would sleep outside, but this was Washington before air conditioning. I'm sure it was miserable living here during the...
View of the South Portico of the White House - February 16th, 1952

Exterior Photos of Truman Reconstruction of White House

Truman Reconstruction of the White House between 1949 and 1952. See exterior photos of the renovation project
interior shell of the White House - 1950

Interior Photos of Truman Reconstruction of White House

Truman Reconstruction of the White House between 1949 and 1952. See interior photos of the renovation project
Cheney and Rumsfeld in 1975

Cheney Steps Out of Rumsfeld’s Shadow

This is a fascinating old article from The Washington Post, printed on Thursday, november 6th, 1975. Dick Cheney was about to replace Donald Rumsfeld as...
White House from above

Awesome Photo: The White House From Above

Due to restricted air space, this view of the White House from above is nearly impossible to get today. Source: Library of Congress
Washington circa 1910. "Glimpse of White House from Monument Green." 8x10 inch glass negative, Detroit Publishing Company.

Distant Photo of the Executive Mansion (1908)

This is another excellent photograph of the White House, thanks to Shorpy. Source: Shorpy
bike couriers exit the White House to deliver the news of Pearl Harbor

Crowd Gathers at White House As News of Pearl Harbor Breaks

Here is a fascinating article that we dug up in the Washington Post, printed the day after Pearl Harbor, December 8th, 1941. A crowd arose,...
White House fence

Bizarre Suicide at the White House Fence

This is such a bizarre story, not unlike the horse that impaled itself on that same fence. This story was printed in the Baltimore Sun...

1955 Home Movie of White House Visit

This is a great find from archive.org. We dug up an old home movie of a family's visit to Washington and the White House....
The President's Manion in 1850

1850 Stereoscopic Photo of the President’s Mansion

What a great photo. We found another terrific source of images, though, unfortunately they're not high resolution. Source: New York Public Library
Washington, from the presidents house: vue de Washington, prise de la maison du president / Washington vom hause des prasidenten gesehn

1848 View From the President’s House

This is a great print from 1848, showing the view looking south and west from the White House. Source: Library of Congress Update: Oops, the comment...
Spring flowers in the National Capitol--The magnolias are the first to bloom

Spring Flowers at the White House in 1929

This is a photograph taken on March 23rd, 1929 from the South Lawn of the White House. Source: Library of Congress
General view of the city from the south toward the Treasury Building and the White House. Cows are grazing near Tiber Creek.

When Cows Grazed by the White House

This is so amazing. The National Archives has a ton of incredible photographs that we dug through this past weekend. Check this...
view from White House over front lawn in 1897

View From Second Floor Bedroom of White House in 1897

Ever wonder what it looks like to look out over the front lawn and Lafayette Park. Well, this photo from the Library of Congress...
Franklin Square in the snow - April 9th, 1889

Three Stories About Franklin Square

Franklin Square is one of the biggest city square parks in the city, at 4.79 acres. 1. Natural spring water supplies the White House Did you...
concert on the South Lawn in 1921

Awesome Then and Now: Concerts on the South Lawn, 1921 and...

We're on a roll here with these photos, especially with ones of the White House. Here's one of a concert given by the United...
Visitors waiting in line to shake hands with the President (circa 1921)

Visitors Wait For Hours to Shake President Coolidge’s Hand

Times sure were different. Check out this photo of a massive crowd pushing their way into the White House. They're all waiting just to...
Major Russell Harrison and Harrison children--Baby McKee and sister on goat cart

The Harrison Grandchildren on a Goat Cart at the White House

Here is something you are highly unlikely to see today. Kids on the South Lawn, riding a goat cart. Quaint.
State, War and Navy Building

View of the State, War and Navy Building From the Rose...

What a terrific old photo of the State, War and Navy Building around the turn of the century.
Policeman standing guard at entrance to White House

Standing Guard at the White House

Here's a great photo from around the turn of the century. It's of a policeman, standing guard in front of the White House, taken...