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1919 map of Columbia Heights
Exploring the Past: A Look at an Old Map of Columbia Heights and 16th St. NW
Take a journey back in time with this old map of Columbia Heights and 16th St. NW. Click on it for a larger version and explore to see what you recognize. Who knows, maybe you'll see your place. There are quite a few buildings still standing!
Exploring the Past: An 1892 Map of the Rural Area Around Tenley and a 1904 Book About Columbia Heights
Take a journey back in time with us as we explore the past with an 1892 map of the rural area around Tenley and a 1904 book about Columbia Heights. Learn more about the history of the area!
Columbia Heights in 1903
A Look Back at Undeveloped Columbia Heights in 1903
Get a look back in time to see the undeveloped Columbia Heights of 1903! Read about the name changes and see the old map from the Library of Congress. Share it with your friends on Facebook!
Columbia Heights homes for sale - 1911
A Sweet Deal in Columbia Heights: An Ad from 1911
Check out this awesome old advertisement from 1911 in Columbia Heights. It shows a row of homes on the east side of 14th St. NW, between Spring and Perry, and offers a sweet deal! Source: Library of Congress.
1907 map of Mount Pleasant
Exploring the Undeveloped Mount Pleasant of 1907 Through a Fascinating Map
Take a journey back in time to explore the undeveloped Mount Pleasant of 1907 through a fascinating map. You can also see across 16th St. into what is now better known as Columbia Heights.
Screenshot 2012-11-25 at 8.02
Exploring Real Estate Options in Mt. Pleasant, Cleveland Park and Columbia Heights
Get a closer look at the real estate options in Mt. Pleasant, Cleveland Park, and Columbia Heights. Click on the ads for more detail and find the perfect home for you.
Irving Street Garage Co. advertisement in the Washington Times
Exploring the History of Irving Street Garage Co. in DC
Discover the history of the Irving Street Garage Co. in Washington, DC, located on the site of the current DC USA shopping center. Read this blog post to explore the history of this garage from April 10th, 1920.
1907 Baist real estate atlas of 14th and Monroe St. NW
The Horrible Tragedy of Columbia Heights in 1906
Explore the tragedy of Columbia Heights in 1906, where nine mysterious deaths occurred in the span of 12 months. Read about the horrific events that took place in this DC neighborhood.
Walter and Hazel Johnson with Walter's mother (Library of Congress)
The Big Train's Nuptials: The Low-Key Wedding of Walter Johnson in Columbia Heights
Take a look back at Walter Johnson's low-key wedding in Columbia Heights in 1914, one of the best story tips we've received thus far. Learn more about the wedding, read the original newspaper article, and see the historical Baist maps of the area.
Arcade Market in Columbia Heights (Library of Congress)
The Arcade Market in Columbia Heights: The First Commercial House to Establish a Parking Garage on Its Roof in 1927
On November 9th, 1927, John S. Blick, president of the Washington Arcade Co., presented plans to the District Commissioners to establish a parking garage on the roof of the Arcade Market in Columbia Heights. Read more to learn about this historic first in Washington, DC.

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