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Columbia Heights

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Columbia Heights is a neighborhood centered at 14th St. and Irving St. NW in Washington, DC, bordering Mt. Pleasant, Adams Morgan, and Petworth.

Old Columbia Heights: Where the Streets Have New Names
How did Columbia Heights get its street names? This history goes back to the early 1900s when street names came into alignment with the rest of the District.
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If Walls Could Talk: Tivoli Theater Was "The Temple of the Arts"
Tivoli Theater at night You can’t walk past the Tivoli Theater in Columbia Heights and not admire it, imagining what the surrounding streets were like in the late 1920s. The arrival of Harry Crandall’s new theater was a big deal for the area and let’s not forget that just a couple of years earlier, his Knickerbocker Theatre was the site of the catastrophic roof collapse that killed...
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Exploring Columbia Heights: A Look at the Old Advertisement from 1905
Check out this old advertisement from 1905 about the elegant residences of Congressmen and other prominent citizens in Columbia Heights. We explore the homes that surrounded the area back then!
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Take a Trip Back in Time to Learn the Charleston with Basketball in 1926 Columbia Heights
Take a trip back in time to 1926 Columbia Heights and learn the Charleston with basketball. Enjoy your evening and stay out of trouble - if you're lucky enough to have the long weekend, relax and have a good time!
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Grace Coolidge Attends the Tivoli Theater Girl Scouts Benefit in 1925
In 1925, Grace Coolidge took the drive up 14th St. to attend a benefit for the Girl Scouts at the Tivoli Theater. Read about Mrs. Coolidge's attendance at the special screening of J. M. Barrie's "Peter Pan" and see the original movie poster.
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Roller Hockey in Columbia Heights: Before Ovechkin and the Capitals, We Had the Whiting Brothers
Before Alexander Ovechkin and the Washington Capitals, we had the Whiting brothers playing roller hockey in Columbia Heights. Learn about the thrilling roller hockey matches of 1926 and the 24-hour roller skating race of 1922!
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Exploring the Proposed Executive Mansion on Meridian Hill and Mary Foote Henderson's Plans for Washington
Take a look at the proposed Executive Mansion to be built on Meridian Hill, a plan championed by Mary Foote Henderson. See the extravagant design, plus learn more about Mrs. Henderson and other buildings that were never built in Washington.
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The Strange History of Coke Dandruff Cure in Washington, D.C.
Discover the strange history of Coke Dandruff Cure in Washington, D.C. at the turn of the century. Find out more about Henry Evans, a druggist on F St NW, and how he used cocaine as an ingredient in his dandruff cure. Explore the Carnegie Institution and its founding on January 28th, 1902.
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The Danger of Fire Trucks Racing Through Crowded Streets in 1900
A thrilling account of horses racing through crowded streets in response to fire alarms. Read about the dangerous conditions that prompted new regulations.
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Advertisement for Plots in Columbia Heights in 1902
Discover the 1902 advertisement for plots in Columbia Heights with a great real estate boom and $500,000 investment in houses. Learn about the extended streetcar lines, healthy living environment, and payment options for lots. Explore the impact of Fulton R. Gordon, a major real estate player in D.C.
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