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13th and Harvard St. NW advertisement (1905)

Open House For 13th and Harvard St. NW Homes (1905)

This is awesome. Maybe you’re going to hit up a few open houses today? Well, check this old advertisement out. This part is great, advertising your potential new neighbors in Columbia Heights: Elegant residences of Congressmen Prince, Gardner, Hermann, Hogg,

Basketball and learning the Charleston (1926)

Basketball and the Charleston

I’ll leave you with this last photo from 1926. This is a great way to end your Friday. This was taken in the old Columbia Heights Arcade. Vivian Marinelli is teaching these guys the Charleston … I suppose for dexterity?

Proposed Executive Mansion sponsored by Mary Foote Henderson

Proposed White House on Meridian Hill

Here’s a good one from the Library of Congress archives. It’s a drawing of the proposed new Executive Mansion, to be built on Meridian Hill (where the park is today). It looks quite ostentatious for American tastes and, in my

Coke Dandruff Cure

Coke Dandruff Cure (1902)

This is a wild advertisement that I came across in The Evening Times (back then they’d publish the paper a couple times each day). Coke Dandruff Cure? Okay, my interest is piqued … what is that?

Perils of a Columbia Heights Fire Run (1900)

Evidently, horses racing through the streets of Columbia Heights was a dangerous thing at the turn of the century. This article I came across from July 9th, 1900 talks about a recent accident leading to new regulations. A skillful hand

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