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1903 map of Eastern Market
Exploring Eastern Market: A Side-by-Side Comparison of a 1903 Map and a Google Map
Take a look at the past and present of Eastern Market with this side-by-side comparison of a 1903 map and a Google Map. Learn more about the history of this DC neighborhood!
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1800 Plan of Washington and Capitol Hill Lots
Plan of part of the city of Washington : on which is shewn the squares, lots, &c., divided between William Prout Esq'r and the Commissioners of the Federal Buildings, agreeably to the deed of trust / laid down from a scale of 200 feet pr. inch by N. King, 1800.
The jury that tried Millie Gaines in 1869 for the murder of a white man, and freed her on an insanity please. It was composed of six colored and six white men. This was the first murder trial in the District in which a mixed jury sat. Reading from left to right seated; 2, David Fisher; 4, the Rev. James D. Reed; 6, Leonard C. Bailey. Standing from left to right; 2, Charles Humphries; 4, John A. Gray; 6, Herbert Harris (The Baltimore Afro-American - May 4th, 1935)
Unraveling the Untold History of the 1869 Murder Trial of Millie Gaines
Unravel the untold history of the 1869 murder trial of Millie Gaines. Discover the salacious details of the interracial love affair, the complicated love triangle, the jealous rage, and the gruesome murder that lead to the first trial in DC with a racially mixed jury.
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An Incredible View Down New Jersey Ave. in 1863
Take a look at this incredible view down New Jersey Ave. in 1863. The caption reads: Southeast view with New Jersey Ave. on the right and A Street and B Street (i.e., Independence Ave.) in the foreground. View includes the Washington Navy Yard, the Eastern Branch, and much more.
Capitol Hill Haunts - Tim Krepp
The Mysterious Ghost of the Capitol Hill Police Substation
On Capitol Hill a few blocks from the Eastern Market Metro Station is a relic of a time gone by, the Metropolitan Police Department's First District Substation. Read here to learn about the mysterious ghost seen on the video cameras at the station.
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Real Estate Ads From 1919: Get a Nice Home Near Lincoln Park for $7,300!
Explore a real estate ad from 1919 near Lincoln Park! Pull together $7,300 and you can have a nice home in this beautiful area. Check out the advertisement and get inspired by history!
1943. On maneuvers in wartime Washington. "A soldier and a woman in a park, with the Old [Russell] Senate Office Building behind them." 4x5 Kodachrome transparency, photographer unknown. Office of War Information.
A Moment Frozen in Time: A Soldier and a Woman in a Park in 1943
Take a look back in time with this amazing photograph from 1943. A soldier and a woman in a park, with the Old [Russell] Senate Office Building behind them. A moment frozen in time that will take your breath away.
Capitalsaurus Court street sign
Unearthing the Mysterious Origins of D.C.'s Official Dinosaur, Capitalsaurus
Discover the mysterious origins of D.C.'s official dinosaur, Capitalsaurus. Read about the bone found in 1898 and its controversial classification as a prehistoric beast, and the story of the District's embrace of this unique creature.
Map exhibiting the property of the U.S. in the vicinity of the Capitol : colored red, with the manner in which it is proposed to lay off the same in building lots, as described in the report to the Sup't of the city to which this is annexed / BHLatrobe, one of the surveyors of the city of Washington, Dec. 3d 1815.
Explore a Rare 1815 Property Value Map of Washington, DC
Check out this rare 1815 property value map of Washington, DC. Click on the map for greater detail and discover the city's history.
Ted's Bulletin front (source: tedsbulletin.com)
Ted's Bulletin History: From 1928 Brick Store to Capitol Hill's Culinary Staple
Discover Ted's Bulletin history: A journey from 1928 store to a beloved Capitol Hill eatery with presidential visits and local charm.

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