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Eastern High School, 1700 E St. NE (Wikipedia)
Eastern High School: History of The Pride of Capitol Hill
I thought it would be a good to branch out and do a on Eastern High School (check them out on Facebook) near RFK Stadium. It’s a beautiful building at 1700 East Capitol St. NE, originally built in 1923. The original Eastern High School building was building in the 1890s at 7th and C St. SE. This past fall, they started a unique program of enrolling a new ninth grade class, growing the school by one class each year until this incoming class of 300 freshman graduates in 2015. So, the next...
Plain Old Pearson's advertisement (1947)
Exploring the History of Pearson's Liquor Store in Glover Park
Explore the history of Pearson's Liquor Store in Glover Park, DC, from 1933 to present day. Hear stories about yeggmen, traffic deaths, price fixing, and more!
Pearl Dive Oyster Palace
If Walls Could Talk: Pearl Dive Oyster Palace
I’m missing tonight’s slow braised pork shank, but a deal’s a deal (if you’re reading this on Friday, I wrote this Thursday night and ordered take out from Pho 14 … yum). Winner of the inaugural “If Walls Could Talk” reader poll is Pearl Dive Oyster Palace (@PearlDiveDC), taking 33% of the vote. Cleveland Park’s representative, Dino (@dinodc), took second place with 27% of the vote, staying alive for the second poll (starting Monday). It was a tense...
Back to the Future (Wikipedia)
This Day in History: November 5th, 1955 in Washington, DC
Explore what was happening in Washington, DC on November 5th, 1955 - the date Marty McFly arrived in Hill Valley in Back to the Future. Read about Katherine Ann Haynes, the CIA, Robert Q. Lewis, and more!
The "Rainbow Row" of homes on Cliffbourne Pl. NW
Uncovering the Stories Behind the Blue Home at 2509 Cliffbourne Pl. NW
Uncovering the history of the blue home at 2509 Cliffbourne Pl. NW. Read about the bicycle accident, the prominent patent attorney, the Axis Sally trial jury selection and the body found in Rock Creek. Plus, a surprise story involving a P-B Automobile popularity contest.
The "Rainbow Row" of homes on Cliffbourne Pl. NW
If Walls Could Talk: The Yellow House at 2513 Cliffbourne Pl. NW - Part 2
This post is the second in a four-part series exploring the colorful homes on Cliffbourne Pl. NW. In this post, we look into the yellow house at 2513 Cliffbourne Pl. NW, including a theft story and the 1953 District Mother of the Year.
The Looking Glass
If Walls Could Talk: The Looking Glass Lounge
This next installment of “If Walls Could Talk” will be the Petworth watering hole, The Looking Glass Lounge. This is one of my favorite places for a Sunday afternoon beer, especially in the warmer months, out on their back patio. I imagine the place will be packed this evening, and now you guys have another interesting conversation topic … what’s the story of the building inside which you’re drinking beer? So, let’s look into the history of the building at 3634...
Duchess of Idaho
Esther Williams and Van Johnson Recreate 'Duchess of Idaho' on WTOP Radio in 1952
Esther Williams and Van Johnson recreated their musical romantic comedy, 'Duchess of Idaho' on WTOP Radio in 1952. Learn more about this A-list celebrity couple and watch the movie trailer!
Picture 6
The Washington & Great Falls Electric Railway Line ("Cabin John Trolley") from Georgetown
Discover the history of the Washington & Great Falls Electric Railway Line ("Cabin John Trolley") from Georgetown in this video. Learn more about the line, acquired by the Washington Railway and Electric Company in 1902, and how it was dismantled in the 1960s.

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