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Ghostly woman in a black gown with a black veil
The Tragic History of a Potentially Haunted Home in Adams Morgan
A peek into the tragic history of a purportedly haunted home in Adams Morgan: could the tormented spirits of the Walter family, who suffered immense loss and grief, still be lingering within its walls?
Scary photo of Maryland Goatman in the woods (Midjourney AI)
Maryland Goatman: Real Legend of the Old Line State
Half-goat, half-ax-wielding maniac, the folklore of Maryland's infamous Goatman has frightened locals and captivated imaginations since sightings began in the 1970s. But what is the real story behind this enduring legend? Learn the origins, evolution, and cultural impact of Maryland's iconic monster.
1907 map of northeast D.C.
Exploring Rural Northeast Washington D.C. a Century Ago
Explore the rural northeast region of Washington D.C. a century ago with a 1907 map from the Library of Congress. See how the area has changed over time and discover the amazing history of the city.
Central High School stadium in the 1910s
More Photos of Cardozo High School (formerly Central High School)
Check out these additional photos of Cardozo High School (formerly Central High School) that we dug up. We hope GoDCer Gail enjoys them!
1903 map of Eastern Market
Exploring Eastern Market: A Side-by-Side Comparison of a 1903 Map and a Google Map
Take a look at the past and present of Eastern Market with this side-by-side comparison of a 1903 map and a Google Map. Learn more about the history of this DC neighborhood!
The Northumberland (Wikipedia)
Rediscovering the Northumberland: A Glimpse into Its Storied Past and Prominent Residents
Explore the rich history of the Northumberland at 2039 New Hampshire Ave. NW, a striking example of early 20th-century architecture by Harry Wardman and Albert H. Beers. Discover its transformation from luxury apartments to Washington D.C.'s oldest self-managed cooperative, its notable residents including Congress members, and intriguing stories like Charles F. Benjamin's life.
Friends Meeting House of Washington, D.C. (Wikipedia)
The Quaker House on Florida Ave: Unearthing Three Interesting Stories
Uncovering three fascinating stories from the Quaker House on Florida Ave, including President Hoover’s attendance at the opening, civil rights leader Ralph Abernathy speaking, & Washington Post editor Ben Bradlee being sued.
The home at 1730 to 1738 V St. NW
Hobbit Houses Near Boundary Castle and a Surprise Historical Connection
GoDC buddy Wayne has kindly requested some digging into the story of the “hobbit homes” on V St. NW. We’re happy to oblige as we are quite curious of their origins. So, this will be a unique “If Walls Could Talk” for GoDCer Wayne. The homes we are investigating are situated about two blocks from 18th and U St. NW. If you’ve ever walked by them, you know what we’re referring to. There are five homes on V St. NW (1730 to 1738), three on 17th St. NW (2100...
William Stickney residence in the 1870s. William leading against building (source: adolf-cluss.org)
Exploring the Stickney House: A Look Back at a Lost D.C. Gem
Take a look back at the Stickney House, a lost D.C. gem. Read about William Stickney, the prominent Washington figure who commissioned the home, the people who lived there and its tragic demise.
The Westchester (Flickr user Anomalous_A)
Three Things About The Westchester at 4000 Cathedral Ave. NW
We’re on a roll with these “Three Things…” posts, so why not crank out another one. This time, we’re going to focus on The Westchester at 4000 Cathedral Ave. NW. Christy, The Westchester’s resident ambassador for GoDC sent in the suggestion and, after a little digging in the archives, it appears that the building has some interesting tales to share. Thank you for your kind words Christy, always much appreciated. The Westchester (Flickr user Anomalous_A) The...

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