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Chastleton in the Washington Times - November 1st, 1919
Exploring the Chastleton Apartment Building in Washington, DC
Dive into the history of the Chastleton Apartment Building in Washington, DC, from its construction in 1919, to its features, financing, and today. Learn about the building's unique location and the demands for its apartments.
Exploring Fort Lincoln Heights: An Authentic Look at an 1890s Real Estate Ad
An authentic look at a real estate advertisement from 1890s Washington, DC. Tour Fort Lincoln Heights, just two miles from the city boundary, where seven-room homes sold for $2,000 (around $51,000 today)!
Cathedral Highlands advertisement in the Washington Herald - June 23rd, 1907
The History of Cathedral Heights, From Wild Dogs to Real Estate Mogul William Matteson
Learn the unique history of Cathedral Heights, from its early days of wild dogs to real estate mogul William Matteson. Read an article from 1907 that announced the birth of Cathedral Highlands and the important role Matteson played in its development.
August 14th, 1924. President Calvin Coolidge and his radio-equipped Buick automobile in Washington. (Shorpy)
Exploring the Life of the 30th President of the United States, Calvin Coolidge
Take a journey back in time to explore the life of Calvin Coolidge, the 30th President of the United States. Check out a selection of photos from his life and learn more about his legacy.
Bonus Army eviction in 1932 (Wikipedia)
Exploring the History of Poplar Point and the Anacostia Flats
Discover the history of Poplar Point and the Anacostia Flats and learn what important events occurred here involving a future president. Read about the Bonus Army and the Summer of 1932 and Proposed Stadium Site. Plus, learn about Bolling Field opens for air mail.
O Street pumping station (JDLand)
Exploring the O Street Pumping Station: Navy Yard Wins Two, Lost Boy Found Dead, and Wandering in a Daze
Exploring the O Street Pumping Station in Washington, D.C.! Learn about the 1911 amateur baseball championship, a lost boy found dead, and a mysterious case of a wandering man in a daze. Read the full story here.
Bryant Street pumping station (Wikipedia)
Three Things About the Bryant Street Pumping Station
Curious about water problems in DC? Here are stories about the Bryant Street Pumping Station from the early 1900s.
The Mysterious Ghost of the Dohertys' Suite 870 at the Shoreham Hotel
This is the mysterious story of Henry L. Doherty and his family, who lived in Suite 870 at the Shoreham Hotel. Read the full story, and discover the strange activity that takes place around 4 a.m. in the suite!
150 Rhode Island Ave. NW
If Walls Could Talk: The Seaton at 150 Rhode Island Ave. NW
I received an email from a reader saying she learned of Ghosts of DC through this post on Big Bear Cafe. She kindly asked if I would look into the history of her Bloomingdale condo building in, as she knew very little about it (other than old stories from local cabbies). I’m starting to see an increase in email requests like this, and I wish I could get to all of them, but for this one, I’m happy to oblige. I’ll see what I can dig up for her (and her neighbors) to bring to life...

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