Old Ads & Classifieds

These are old ads and classifieds from Washington, D.C. newspapers.

American Express advertisement 1929

Cool 1929 American Express Advertisement

Check this out. A really old advertisement for AmEx from May 29th, 1929. The company was founded in Buffalo, NY back in 1850 (I didn’t know it was that old).
Kalorama home advertisement

2324 Tracy Place: Outstanding Value in Kalorama

Check out this cool advertisement from June 9th, 1929 (just before the Great Depression). It’s for a nice home in Kalorama. And below is what it looks like today, sold in December of 2012 for a...
Washington Heights Home for Sale

Washington Heights Home for Sale; $8,500 in 1904

Imagine living blocks from Adams Morgan’s 18th Street, owning a home that cost just $8,500. If you were around in 1904, a home on Mintwood Place could have been yours. Even taking into consideration inflation, you’d...
Model T advertisement

Buy a new car for $750! In the year 1911…

The Model T, Henry Ford’s affordable automobile invention, seems extra affordable by today’s standards. At the Miller Brothers Automobile Supply House at 1105-7 14th St. NW, the base price for a new car was $750 in...
advertisement - June 12th, 1879

1879 Ad for “Asbestos” Liquid Paints

… And, it can be applied by the most inexperienced painter. Great news!
1854 train tickets

Washington to Chicago for $18 in 1854

This is an old advertisement for railroad tickets between Washington, Baltimore and points west. A ticket from Washington to Cincinnati was $11, Chicago was $18, and St. Louis was $26.50. That ticket to St. Louis is...
advertisement - June 12th, 1879

1879 Ad: Skinny Men and Women and Not Admired

Now this is an interesting advertisement from the Washington Post, printed on June 12th, 1879.
Dixie Chicken Shop advertisement (May 20th, 1939)

Dixie-Hot Fried Chicken on 14th Street

Sadly, this place no longer exists. And, the building it was in, is long gone. But, back in the day you could go to 2213 14th St. NW for some delicious fried chicken. The ad was...
Klingle and Park Roads homes for sale

Homes for Sales on Klingle and Park Roads (1922)

Here’s a great old real estate advertisement, printed in the Washington Times on April 15th, 1922. We posted a similar ad earlier this year. Source: Library of Congress And here are the same homes as they...
bible advertisement in the Washington Herald (January 10th, 1918)

The President’s Own Message on the Bible

Separation of church and state? We’ve always had issues in this country. Check out this advertisement from 1918. Source: Library of Congress