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Abandoned Capitol Traction Company Powerhouse in 1967
These haunting 1967 photos show the inside and outside of the old Capitol Traction Company Powerhouse, previously located on the Georgetown waterfront.
Hoover Field: Before the Pentagon and National Airport
There used to be an airport where the Pentagon stands today. Washington-Hoover Airport operated from 1933 to 1941, replaced by National Airport.
Old D.C. Council Campaign Posters
Not everyone wins an election. Here's a sample of some people who ran for D.C. Council and didn't make it.
Amazing 1870s Railroad Photos of Washington
These 1870s photos are incredible, showing the District just following the Civil War. Click on them for more details.
Never-Built Ulysses Grant Memorial Bridge
This most incredible image shows what the Ulysses Grant Memorial Bridge would have liked like today. It would have been where the current Arlington Memorial Bridge is today.
Almost-Built Highways of Washington, DC
Why doesn't 395 cut through Washington, DC? This is the history of highways in DC.
Reno Rd. NW
The Story of How Reno Road in North Cleveland Park Almost Became Washington Avenue
Learn the fascinating story of how Reno Road in North Cleveland Park almost became Washington Avenue in honor of the west coast state. Find out why the proposal was opposed by Senator Howard Cannon of Nevada.
Proposed D.C. subway system
Proposed D.C. Subway During World War II
Near the end of World War II, there was an interesting proposal to build a subway in the District to alleviate post-war traffic.
The Raleigh Hotel: A Glimpse into the Past of 12th and Pennsylvania Ave. NW
Take a journey back in time with this amazing photo of the long-lost Raleigh Hotel, formerly located at 12th and Pennsylvania Ave. NW. Learn the history of this iconic structure and its tragic removal.
Architectural drawing for alterations to the U.S. Capitol, Washington, D.C. West elevation Summary
1877 Drawing of Proposed Capitol Modifications
Proposed renovations of the Capitol Building from the 1870s. Achitectural drawing for alterations to the U.S. Capitol, Washington, D.C. West elevation.

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