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Cool old historical maps of Washington, D.C.

1921 Map of Petworth

Recognize any places in this map of Petworth? It's from 1921 and shows a bit of development from the 1907 map that we posted...

Five Maps of Georgetown in 1903

These are amazing. Take your time studying them because there are so many incredible details in them. Click on them for larger versions. Below is...

1913 Map of Woodley Park and Observatory Circle

Happy Sunday, and welcome to map week! Starting now, going through the rest of the week, we're posting a map each day, so get...
1892 map of Logan Circle

1892 Map of Logan Circle

Check out this awesome old map of Logan Circle (Iowa Circle then) in 1892. Source: Dig DC
1919 Dupont Circle

Map of Dupont Circle in 1919

Check out this great map of Dupont Circle in 1919. At the intersection of Connecticut and N St. you can see what used to...
1919 map of Dupont and Farragut

1919 Map of Dupont South and Farragut

This is what south of Dupont Circle and Farragut looked like in 1919, before the Mayflower was built. Source: Library of Congress
Map of Naval Hospital Washington, D.C. Showing Conditions on June 30, 1927. [includes hand-drawn "Proposed Extension of New York Avenue" and "Future Building Line"]. [map, Potomac Annex].Printed map, hand-colored with emendations. Marked "H.O. Misc. No. 7219" and "PW 2469". print 11x17 color. Navy Medicine Historical Files Collection - Facilities. [The New York Avenue extension was never built. Instead the North side of the base was cut off by an extension of Viginia Avenue, and the South side was truncated by the Institute of Peace.]

1927 Map of the Old Naval Hospital

This is a great old map of the Old Naval Hospital shared by loyal GoDCer Michael. Thanks for sending! It's extremely helpful to get...
1919 map of Columbia Heights

Can You Find Your House on This 1919 Map of Columbia...

How cool is this old map of Columbia Heights and 16th St. NW? Click on it for a much larger version and start exploring...
Map of Washington, D.C., and environs : with marginal numbers and measuring tape attachment for instantly locating points of interest within a radius of twenty miles from the Capitol /

Awesome 1887 Map of Washington

This is a terrific old map of Washington from 1887. Source: Library of Congress
1909 map of Observatory Circle

Interesting 1909 Map of Observatory Circle

Here is a cool map of the area around the current Vice President's residence off of Mass. Ave. This is what the same area looks...
1887 map of Rockville

1887 Map of Rockville

Check out this 1887 map of a much smaller Rockville. This was way back when Grover Cleveland was the U.S. President, and just about...
Plan of the city intended for the permanent seat of the government of t[he] United States : projected agreeable to the direction of the President of the United States, in pursuance of an act of Congress, passed on the sixteenth day of July, MDCCXC, "establishing the permanent seat on the bank of the Potowmac"

Full-Color 1791 Manuscript Plan for Washington

Here is a terrific old map of the plan for the federal city. Source: Library of Congress
The national capital, Washington, D.C. Sketched from nature by Adolph Sachse, 1883-1884.

Bird’s-Eye View of Washington in 1883

Check out this amazing map of Washington from 1883. Click on it for a larger version. Source: Library of Congress
Fire and Police Station location s in 1880

Cool 1880 Map of Fire and Police Stations in D.C.

Where were the police and fire stations located in Washington back in 1880? Check out this great old map. Source: Library of Congress This was done...
Cadastral survey map of Charles Carroll Jr.'s land in central Washington D.C. in 1793

1793 Map of Carroll Family Land in Washington

This is a really old map of the Carroll family plot in Washington in 1793. Source: Library of Congress
1903 map of Foggy Bottom

1903 Map of Current State Department Location

This is a 1903 map of the current location of the Department of State, on C St. between 21st and 23rd. Obviously, it was...
1907 map of Gallaudet University

1907 Map of Gallaudet University and Union Market

This is a map from 1907 showing the area around today's Union Market and Gallaudet University. Source: Library of Congress
District of Columbia and the seat of war on the Potomac (1861)

District of Columbia and the Seat of War on the Potomac...

This is an old Civil War map of the D.C. area from 1861. Source: Library of Congress
Plat of Curtis & Burdett's subdivision of Carlin Springs, Alexandria County, Virginia : 260 ft. above sea level

Carlin Springs Subdivision Map from 1887 and 1890

Here is a map of the Carlin Springs subdivision in Alexandria, now Arlington County. Source: Library of Congress The above map shows the area south of...
Entered according to Act of Congress in the year 1861, by D. McClelland, Blanchard & Mohun, Hugh B. Sweeny, and Thos. Blagden, in the Clerks Office of the District Court of the District of Columbia.

Incredible 1850s Map of Washington

Now this has to be one of the best maps we've come across recently. It shows Washington in the 1850s, marking all the buildings,...

1903 Map of Judiciary Square and City Hall

Welcome to map week! We're going to share a map every morning with the GoDC community. Check this great map out. It shows Judiciary Square...