Wild Dog, Potomac Parkway Terror, Shot and Killed

This is probably not something you would see today. At least, let’s hope not.

We came across the headline “Wild Dog of Potomac Slain” in The Washington Post from July 28th, 1913. Below is the article.

“Queen,” a bulldog, known for years as “the wild dog of Potomac park,” which has terrorized automobilists and pedestrians at night, has been slain at last. She was shot yesterday by Policeman W. C. Davis, after he hid in the bushes for more than an hour waiting for her to appear.

The dog first went to Potomac park eight years ago, making her home in what was known as the Potoamc flats, prowling about at night, chasing pedestrians, and snapping at motor car drivers who dared to get out to fix a light or repair a puncture. the dog a year ago bit a little girl, and efforts were made at that time to shoot her, but she evaded the policemen.

Recently “Queen” has been appearing in west Potoamc park, terrorizing people. They declared she ventured forth only at night.

This is a bulldog. Not Queen.

This is a bulldog. Not Queen.