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oysters are yummy with beer

Beer or Whisky to Help Digest Oysters?

oysters are yummy with beer
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Here’s an interesting article we dug up from the Washington Post. This was published on April 4th, 1892.

An interesting experiment was made the other day by a Washington physician to determine the relative effect of whisky and lager beer upon the digestion of food in the human stomach.

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As oysters are regarded as self-digesting food, two fine specimens were selected, one being placed in a glassful of beer and the other in a similar vessel about half full of whisky. The oysters were allowed to remain in their respective receptacles all night. In the morning they were examined by the physician, who found that the bivalve which had been placed in the beer had dissolved, with the exception of the tough and indigestable [sic] heart, while the oyster in the whisky had shrunk to half its natural size and was almost as tough as sole leather, no dissolution whatever having taken place. This novel experiment is regarded with much interest in medical circles here.

oysters are yummy with beer
oysters are yummy with beer

Have you tried this experiment today? Maybe Pearl Dive or Hank’s should give it a shot.

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