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The Hadleigh Apartments: A Luxurious New Apartment Hotel in Washington, DC in 1919

In 1919, construction began on the luxurious Hadleigh Apartments in Washington, DC. Learn about the $2,000,000 building, the mortgage, and the major bus accident that happened nearby.
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The New Hadleigh Apartments - August 9th, 1919 (Washington Times)
The New Hadleigh Apartments – August 9th, 1919 (Washington Times)

Washington Times, August 9th, 1919

A new $2,000,000 apartment hotel is to be erected at once on the property bounded by Sixteenth street, New Hampshire avenue, V and W streets. The building will be complete in every detail and will be erected according to the latest architectural designs for such structures.

Announcement of the construction of the new apartment is made by S. W. Straus & Co., who have underwritten a $1,300,000 first mortgage amortized serial 6 per cent bond issue on the property.

The new building will be known as the Hadleigh Apartments. It will be eight stories in height and will have 700 rooms arranged in suites. The plan provides for a large number of one, two and three-room apartments to meet the growing demand for living quarters of smaller size. A cafe seating 200 people will be built and the building will also have an attractive roof garden.

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The Washington Properties company plans to begin work on the structure at once and it will be ready for occupancy by the middle of next summer.

The site chosen for the new building is ideal. It is located out Sixteenth street just a short distance from the White House and is in the heart of the fashionable embassy district. Its erection will go far toward relieving the pressing shortage of living accommodations in Washington.

In announcing the deal, S. W. Straus & Co. said:

“There is no fundamental reason why building operations in the United States should not pick up rapidly. While the costs of building construction have advanced less than the cost of any other commodity, there is a greater shortage of buildings than of any other necessity. There is a growing demand in the leading American cities for high class apartment houses and hotels. People have found that living compactly has many advantages and conveniences that can be obtained in no other way. The shortage of servant labor is also a material factor in these tendencies. We look for a great amount of new apartment house and hotel construction work in all the important American cities.”

Not too long after the building was built, there was a major bus accident right near it. We posted about that a while ago with a great photo.

The Camden Roosevelt today (Flickr user NCinDC)
The Camden Roosevelt today (Flickr user NCinDC)

Above is a great photo from Flickr user NCinDC.

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