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Overturned Bus in Petworth, Washington D.C. (1921) – A Reminder of the Bus System’s Early Days

Check out this photo of an overturned bus in Petworth, Washington D.C. in 1921, plus a bus route map from 1933. A reminder of the bus system's early days!
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This is not good. Apparently the Washington Transit Company bus driver was going too fast to take a turn in the rain and this was the result.

Does anyone else find it odd (and amusing) that folks are gathered around, kind of milling about. Everyone hold steady for the camera and say “cheeeeeese!” The Washington Transit Company had just started the first D.C. bus system in the spring of 1921, so maybe the drivers weren’t used to handling the large vehicles on the city streets.

Thanks to Shorpy for another gem … best historic photo site out there.

Overturned bus in Petworth (1921)
Overturned bus on 16th St. NW (1921)

Below, check out the bus route throughout the city from 1933 (thanks again Shorpy).

Washington Rapid Transit Co. bus map
Washington Rapid Transit Co. bus map (1933)

CORRECTION: The flipped bus above appears to be the apartment building at 16th and V St. NW.

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