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96 Years Before District of Columbia v. Heller: Purchasing a Firearm at National Sporting Goods Co.

96 years before District of Columbia v. Heller, purchasing a firearm in DC was a much simpler affair. Learn about National Sporting Goods Co. in 1912 and their bargain prices on 12 gauge Remington automatics and revolvers.
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The Huntsman's Store advertisement in the Washington Times - October 20th, 1912
National Sporting Goods Co. advertisement in the Washington Times – October 20th, 1912

Some time ago, way back in the day, purchasing a firearm was much easier.

About 96 years before the District of Columbia v. Heller ruling dramatically altered the gun-owning landscape in our city, you could walk down to National Sporting Goods Co. at 424 9th St. NW and pick up a 12 gauge Remington automatic (i.e., a serious shotgun) for the bargain price of $27.90 (what a deal!). Not only that, but if you purchased a gun retailing for $37.50 or more, you’d walk away with a free, high-quality gun bag.

Oh, you could also score a revolver for $2.50.

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