Annie Oakley’s Dandruff

Here’s an odd one. I found an advertisement in the April 30th, 1905 Washington Post which featured Annie Oakley. Apparently she had some problems with dandruff.

Newbro's Herpicide advertisement with Annie Oakley (1905)

Newbro's Herpicide advertisement with Annie Oakley (1905)

Good thing Annie didn’t use Coke Dandruff Cure. Im 1904, she was the subject of a libelous story by William Randolph Heart, claiming that she had been arrested for stealing to support her cocaine habit. The woman arrested was an impostor, posing as Annie Oakley, but the damage had been done. Oakley spent the better part of six years filing libel lawsuits against newspapers to restore her sullied reputation.

UPDATE: I found this really cool hand-written letter by Annie Oakley to President McKinkley, advocating the use of women in combat … courtesy of the National Archives.