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The "Rainbow Row" of homes on Cliffbourne Pl. NW
If Walls Could Talk: The Yellow House at 2513 Cliffbourne Pl. NW - Part 2
This post is the second in a four-part series exploring the colorful homes on Cliffbourne Pl. NW. In this post, we look into the yellow house at 2513 Cliffbourne Pl. NW, including a theft story and the 1953 District Mother of the Year.
Sheep grazing at the White House (1919)
Sheep Grazing at the White House in 1919 - The Story Behind the Photo
Discover the story behind a Nation's Attic photograph of sheep grazing at the White House in 1919. Woodrow and Edith Wilson had the sheep roam the grounds to save money and also to raise money for the Red Cross.
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Woodrow Wilson's Role in Honoring the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery
Learn about President Woodrow Wilson's role in honoring the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery. Explore the historic events surrounding this momentous occasion, including the Evening Public Ledger's coverage and Wilson's visit to the Tomb of the Unknowns. Visit Woodrow Wilson House for more information.

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