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January 1918. Washington, D.C. "Billy Sunday tabernacle." A temporary meeting hall built near Union Station for a three-month series of revival meetings held by the famous evangelist. Harris & Ewing Collection glass negative.
Exploring Washington D.C.'s Landmarks in a 1918 Photograph of the "Billy Sunday Tabernacle
Take a journey back in time and explore Washington D.C.'s iconic landmarks in this 1918 photograph of the "Billy Sunday tabernacle" near Union Station. Can you recognize any of the other landmarks besides the Capitol and Library of Congress?
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Celebrating Amtrak's 100th Anniversary with a Video
Celebrate Amtrak's 100th anniversary with us by watching this video that was pulled together by Amtrak in 2008. It's sure to put a smile on your face!
Union Station in 1977
Looking Back: A Glimpse of Union Station in 1977 through an Old Photograph
Step back in time with a captivating photograph of Union Station in Washington D.C. from 1977. Discover the differences in the station's architecture, surroundings, and atmosphere, and reflect on how this iconic landmark has evolved over the years to better serve today's travelers.
The Pennsylvania Railroad's "The Senator" in 1929
A Trip Back in Time: The Senator from Pennsylvania Railroad in 1929
Take a trip back in time to 1929 and check out the Pennsylvania Railroad's "The Senator" in this awesome photo. Thanks to Shorpy for the amazing image!
November 23, 1938. Washington, D.C. "Ford Motor Co., Union Station." For the 1939 model year, Ford debuted a new brand called Mercury.
A Glimpse Back in Time: 1938 Ford and Mercury at Union Station
A look back in time to 1938 when Ford debuted its new brand, Mercury. Check out the amazing photo of the two cars side-by-side at Washington D.C.'s Union Station and the stylish men dressed up for the occasion.
Circa 1910. "Train concourse, Union Station, Washington, D.C." 8x10 inch dry plate glass negative, Detroit Publishing Company.
Take a Look at Union Station in 1910 - An Impressive Sight
Take a look at Union Station in 1910! This picture shows the impressive sight of the railroad station several years after it was completed. See the impressive photo here!
1903 map of Swampoodle
Check Out the 1903 Map of Swampoodle With Proposed Union Station Superimposed Over the Neighborhood
Take a look at the 1903 map of Swampoodle with the proposed Union Station superimposed over the neighborhood. See how some of the street names have been recycled in different neighborhoods. Make sure to compare this to the 1888 map as well.
Showing Progress Being Made on Columbus Memorial
A Fascinating Look at the Unveiling of D.C.'s Christopher Columbus Memorial in 1912
Unveiling of D.C.'s Christopher Columbus Memorial in 1912 was a huge event. Check out fascinating images from the Washington Times on April 29, 1912, when workers moved a veiled statue of Columbus into place. Learn more about the event with this blog post!
Locomotive and cars through the concourse (Photo courtesy of Trains magazine)
The Incredible Story of Dwight Eisenhower’s Inaugural Train Wreck at Union Station
Relive the incredible story of the train wreck that occurred at Union Station just days before Dwight Eisenhower's inauguration in 1953. Miraculously, no fatalities occurred, but the station was left in shambles. Learn the amazing recovery story!
The Beatles at Washington Coliseum - Feb. 11th, 1964
The Beatles' First Concert in the U.S. Was at Washington Coliseum
The Beatles' first live performance in America was in Washington, D.C. on February 11th, 1964. They played at the Washington Coliseum after arriving at Union Station from New York City.

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