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Union Station Taxis Before Uber
We love this old photo showing Union Station back in 1914. You’re looking at a familiar line of taxis waiting for passengers. Source: Library of Congress
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Haunting Old Photo of Tracks Near Union Station
This old photo shows the tracks near Union Station in 1920. “Union Station tracks, Washington, circa 1920.” National Photo Company Collection glass negative. Source: Flickr
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A Rare Look at DC's Union Station Under Construction in the Early 1900s
Take a rare look at Washington, DC's Union Station under construction in the early 1900s. This photo from Sidney Duff shows only one of the six statues installed over the entrance. Click to learn more!
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A Stunning Look at Union Station in the 1920s
Take a look at this stunning photo of Union Station in the 1920s! Learn more about this amazing piece of history on GhostsofDC.org.
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Marines Await Shipment Out for WWI: A Photo from Union Station in Washington, DC
GoDCer Michael sent in this amazing photo of two marines awaiting shipment out for World War I at Union Station in Washington, DC. See the photo and read more about the story behind it.
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Streetcars in Front of Union Station
This is an old photo of Union Station around 1920, with two streetcars sitting in front. streetcars in front of Union Station Source: Library of Congress
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A Glimpse Into the Past: Exploring the Ladies' Waiting Room at Union Station in the 1910s
Step back in time to the 1910s and explore the ladies' waiting room at Union Station. Learn what it was like to wait for the train in the sparsely decorated room. Discover the history behind the iconic building with a photo from the Library of Congress.
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Union Station's Rehabilitation, Captured in Photos Taken After the TWA Mount Weather Air Disaster
Check out this photo of Union Station being rehabilitated after the TWA Mount Weather air disaster. Thankfully they saved it instead of knocking it down like so many other buildings back then. See the photo taken two weeks after the disaster here!
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Film Footage of Union Station in 1939
This is some cool old stock footage of the interior at Union Station. Source: Archive.org Don’t forget to check out this great photo of the station in 1963.  
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What Union Station Looked Like in 1963
What a cool old photo of Union Station (here’s another amazing photo). This was taken by Thomas O’Halloran on August 14, 1963. Passengers seated in long benches in the waiting room of Union Station, Washington, D.C. For some historical context, on August 8th, the Great Train Robbery took place in England and on August 18th, James Meredith became the first African-American to graduate...
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Exploring Washington D.C.'s Landmarks in a 1918 Photograph of the "Billy Sunday Tabernacle
Take a journey back in time and explore Washington D.C.'s iconic landmarks in this 1918 photograph of the "Billy Sunday tabernacle" near Union Station. Can you recognize any of the other landmarks besides the Capitol and Library of Congress?
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Great American Station: Union Station [VIDEO]
Here is a good video we stumbled upon on YouTube. It was pulled together by Amtrak in 2008, on the occasion of the station’s 100th anniversary.
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Looking Back: A Glimpse of Union Station in 1977 through an Old Photograph
Step back in time with a captivating photograph of Union Station in Washington D.C. from 1977. Discover the differences in the station's architecture, surroundings, and atmosphere, and reflect on how this iconic landmark has evolved over the years to better serve today's travelers.
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A Trip Back in Time: The Senator from Pennsylvania Railroad in 1929
Take a trip back in time to 1929 and check out the Pennsylvania Railroad's "The Senator" in this awesome photo. Thanks to Shorpy for the amazing image!
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Admiring the Style and Technology of a 1938 Photo
Step back in time to 1938 with this amazing photo of two cars - a Ford on the left and a brand new Mercury on the right. Admire their styles and appreciate the technology advances of the era when men dressed up!
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Take a Look at Union Station in 1910 - An Impressive Sight
Take a look at Union Station in 1910! This picture shows the impressive sight of the railroad station several years after it was completed. See the impressive photo here!
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Check Out this 1903 Map of Swampoodle and Compare It to the 1888 Map
Check out this 1903 map of Swampoodle and compare it to the 1888 map. See the proposed Union Station superimposed over the neighborhood and some familiar street names which appear to have been recycled in different areas.
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Crowds Watch Sculptors at Columbus Memorial
Happy belated Columbus Day! D.C. has its own Christopher Columbus memorial prominently positioned in front of Union Station.  Here’s a fascinating set of images from the Washington Times on April 29, 1912 – as workers move a veiled statue of Columbus into place. Text from the article: Throngs of people at all hours of the day, and up until 12 o’clock at night, find a peculiar fascination...
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The Incredible Story of Dwight Eisenhower’s Inaugural Train Wreck at Union Station
Relive the incredible story of the train wreck that occurred at Union Station just days before Dwight Eisenhower's inauguration in 1953. Miraculously, no fatalities occurred, but the station was left in shambles. Learn the amazing recovery story!
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The Beatles' First Concert in the U.S. Was at Washington Coliseum
The Beatles' first live performance in America was in Washington, D.C. on February 11th, 1964. They played at the Washington Coliseum after arriving at Union Station from New York City.
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