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Men and gun of 3d Massachusetts Heavy Artillery at ornamental gate of Fort Totten
Exploring Fort Totten Through a Photograph from 1865
Explore Fort Totten through a rare photograph taken just after the Civil War in 1865. See the 3rd Massachusetts Heavy Artillery at the gate of the fort in this remarkable image.
a death warrant being read to inmate Wirz on the gallows
A Macabre Photo Share: The Execution of Henry Wirz for War Crimes in the Civil War
A macabre photo share from 1865 of Henry Wirz being executed for war crimes in the Civil War. Wirz was captain of the prisoner of war Camp Sumter near Andersonville, Georgia and one of only two men tried, convicted, and executed for war crimes in the Civil War.
Screen Shot 2012-12-07 at 12.52
Explore Historic Christ Church in Alexandria: A Ghost of DC Photograph
Discover Historic Christ Church in Alexandria, Virginia. Take a virtual tour and learn about the church's history with a Ghost of DC photograph. Visit GoDC for more.
Capitol Building circa 1863
A Rare Glimpse of the Capitol Building from the Civil War: The Photograph by Mathew Brady
Take a look at this historic photograph of the Capitol Building from the Civil War, taken by the acclaimed photographer Mathew Brady. Learn about the Civil War and see the photo here.
Screen Shot 2012-11-26 at 8.29
Exploring Civil War Map of D.C. and Its Surroundings
Take a look at this Civil War map of D.C. and its surroundings. Click on it for greater detail and you'll be able to see all the fortifications around the city, including Fort Totten and Fort Lincoln.
Arlington House (Library of Congress)
The Origin of Arlington's Name: From Earl to Lee's Estate
What is the origin of Arlington County's name? The story dates back to an old plantation near today's National Airport.
The Assassination of President Lincoln (1865)
Celebrating Victory: The Workmen’s Visit to Lincoln and the White House on April 10th, 1865
On April 10th, 1865, workmen from the Washington Navy Yard, accompanied by a band, visited Abraham Lincoln and Secretary of the Navy, Gideon Welles to congratulate them and celebrate the Union victory in the Civil War. Lincoln addressed the men and requested a performance of "Dixie" to close the celebration.
Col. Benjamin F. Fisher and staff on steps of Signal Corps headquarters, 1816 F St., NW
Unveiling a Gallery of Rare Civil War Photographs from the Library of Congress
Discover a rare collection of Civil War photographs from the Library of Congress, including a Sanitary Commission picture with the Treasury Department in the background.
150 Rhode Island Ave. NW
If Walls Could Talk: The Seaton at 150 Rhode Island Ave. NW
I received an email from a reader saying she learned of Ghosts of DC through this post on Big Bear Cafe. She kindly asked if I would look into the history of her Bloomingdale condo building in, as she knew very little about it (other than old stories from local cabbies). I’m starting to see an increase in email requests like this, and I wish I could get to all of them, but for this one, I’m happy to oblige. I’ll see what I can dig up for her (and her neighbors) to bring to life...
The Siege of Washington
The Siege of Washington: A Ground Level Perspective of April 14th - 25th, 1861
Take a ground level perspective of life in Washington City in the days after the fall of Fort Sumter. Read about the panic that spread, the Confederate response and the harsh words for President Lincoln and his cabinet. See photos from the era to get a better feel for living in Washington in 1861.

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