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Discovering a Civil War-Era Map of Fairfax County
Explore a Civil War-era map of Fairfax County, Virginia, copied by J. Paul Hoffmann and approved by S. Howell Brown in 1864. Discovered at the Library of Congress.
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The Leg of Col. Ulric Dahlgren: A Civil War Mystery at the Navy Yard
Discover the remarkable story of Col. Ulric Dahlgren, wounded in the Civil War and commemorated with a plaque at the Navy Yard. Learn how his leg ended up in a parking garage and the history of the building since then.
Camp of the Union forces at Centreville, Va. Winter 1861-62
Take a Look Back in Time: Detailed Photograph of the Union Encampment at Centreville During the Winter of 1861-1862
Take a look back in time with this detailed photograph of the Union encampment at Centreville during the winter of 1861-1862. Click on the photograph for more information and to view the original source.
The Evening Star: A Look at the Day After President Lincoln's Assassination
On April 15, 1865, President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated. On the same day, The Evening Star newspaper was published, featuring a "Special Notice" that is as interesting as anything that could be published today. Take a look at the newspaper, the day after the assassination.
Plan of the Rebel attack on Washington, D.C., July 11th and 12th, 1864.
Uncovering History: A Look at Jubal Early's Rebel Attack on Washington
Take a look back in history with this old map that shows Jubal Early's Rebel attack on Washington. See the plan of the attack and learn more about this important moment in history.
Washington, D.C. Ex-Confederate iron-clad ram Stonewall at anchor; U.S. Capitol in the background
The Amazing Image of the Confederate Ironclad Stonewall Anchoring in Washington in 1865
This amazing image shows the Confederate Ironclad Stonewall anchored in Washington in 1865, with the Capitol Dome visible between the masts. Learn more about the ship and its history with this blog post!
haymarket in Washington, DC
An Awesome Photograph from the Civil War: A Haymarket in Washington, DC
Take a look at this awesome Civil War photograph of a haymarket in Washington, DC. See the Smithsonian in the background? If not, let us know what those buildings are! Source: Library of Congress.
Capt. B.S. Brown (left); Lt. John P. Shaw, Co. F 2nd Regt. Rhode Island Volunteer Infantry (center); and Lt. Fry (right) with African American men and boy.
Exploring Camp Brightwood on the Cultural Tourism D.C. Heritage Trail
Take an historic journey to Camp Brightwood on the Cultural Tourism D.C. Heritage Trail. Learn more about this Civil War landmark at 5704 Georgia Ave. NW.
Photograph shows soldiers inside prison area where slaves were held.
The Power of a Stereographic Card: Exploring a Civil War Alexandria Slave Pen
Get a glimpse of history with this powerful stereographic card taken during the Civil War at an Alexandria slave pen. Explore the emotional image and learn more about this significant era.
Photo shows the mansion called Falkland, built in the 1850s as a summer residence and burned by either Confederate troops or camp followers on July 12, 1864.
The Tragic Burning of Falkland in 1864: Montgomery Blair's Home
Take a look at the tragic history of Falkland, Montgomery Blair's home, which was burned by Confederate troops or camp followers on July 12th, 1864. Read more on our post about how Silver Spring got its name.

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