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Exploring Southwest D.C. Through This Old Photo From the 1930s and 1940s
Take a look back in time at Southwest D.C. in the 1930s & 1940s through this old photograph. See how the area has changed since then and explore the 1927 Baist map of the area.
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President Woodrow Wilson Visits Southwest in 1913
Here is an old photo from May of 1913, showing Woodrow Wilson in a car, driving around Southwest D.C. Woodrow Wilson stands in the front of a convertible automobile stopped in the intersection of what was then N and Union Streets SW. Wilson, the driver of the car, and two woman in the back look east at something happening on N Street. A crowd gathered under a tree near the car and people in front...
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Exploring the 600 Block of G Street in Washington, DC Through Photos
This is a cool old photo from the 1940s showing the 600 block of G St in Washington, DC, which has been torn down. See more photos from the area and learn about the DC Public Library's Dig DC project.
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Whoa ... Check Out This Old Photo of Southwest Waterfront
The photo wasn’t labeled, but I’m guessing this is from the between the 1900s and 1910s? This is from our buddy John DeFerrari over at Streets of Washington. southwest Washington Source: Streets of Washington Pinterest
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50 Years Ago Today: The Washington Post Ad for Capitol Park Townhouses
50 years ago today, The Washington Post printed an advertisement for Capitol Park Townhouses. Today, the same area is unrecognizable due to developers modernizing it with brutalist, Soviet-like buildings.
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Tragedy of the Sky: The Drowning of Charles Willis in 1920
In March of 1920, Charles Willis of Chicago was tragically drowned when his parachute jump from an army airplane went wrong. We explore the story of his death and the rescue efforts that followed.
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