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Georgetown University 1918 Advertisement
Georgetown University Advertisement in 1918
The ad provides a glimpse into the past and the pivotal role that education played in the nation's war efforts. It is a testament to Georgetown University's dedication to serving the country and its commitment to upholding the values of service, justice, and the common good.
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The Unlikely Fairy Tale of Baron Bodisco and Harriet Williams: A May-December Romance in Gtown
Discover the unlikely fairy tale of Baron Bodisco and Harriet Williams, a May-December romance in Georgetown. Learn about the scandal, wedding and happy years together before his death and her remarriage. Follow the beautiful bride and famous groomsmen to the White House for dinner.
Georgetown baseball game
A Look Back in Time: A Baseball Game at Georgetown University in 1900
Take a look back in time to a baseball game being played on the Georgetown University grounds in 1900. See a photo of the game from the Georgetown University Library.
Calvin Coolidge, President of the United States, presents an honorary degree to Governor William S. Flynn of Rhode Island at the Georgetown University commencement. Pictured, left to right: Pierce Butler, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court; President Coolidge; John B. Creeden, S.J., President of Georgetown University; Governor Flynn; Walter J. O'Connor, University Registrar; and Andrew L. Bouwhuis, S.J.
A Look Back at the Georgetown University Class of 1924
Take a look back to 1924 and see Georgetown University's graduating class and President Coolidge presenting an honorary degree to Governor Flynn of Rhode Island. Explore these historic photos from Ghosts of DC.
The Hall was named for Thomas Copley, S.J. (ca. 1595-1652). Among its many external decorations is a large Latin inscription on its middle gable which reads: 'Moribus Antiquis Res Stat Loyolaea Virisque.' This has been translated as: 'Loyola’s Fortune Still May Hope To Thrive, If Men and Mold Like Those of Old Survive.' The south gable bears the family crest of St. Ignatius Loyola who founded the Society of Jesus, the lily of the seal of the University of Paris where he was educated, and the seal of the Society of Jesus.
A Look at the New Copley Hall in 1931
Take a look at the newly built Copley Hall at Georgetown University in 1931 with an exterior adorned with the crest of St. Ignatius Loyola, the founder of the Society of Jesus. Read more about its history here.
Members of Georgetown University’s track team, complete with running shoes, pose somewhat incongruously in front of the card catalog in Riggs Library
Where Can I Get a Sweet Outfit Like This? Georgetown University Track Team in 1901
Where can I get a sweet outfit like this? These polished gentlemen are not prisoners ... they're members of the Georgetown University track team in 1901. Check out this amazing photo from Georgetown University Library!
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Adding Color to Your Social Media Posts: Why Things Never Change
Adding some color to your social media posts can help make them stand out, but why do things never seem to change? Learn more about adding color to your social media posts and why things never seem to change.
Analoston Island
Exploring Analoston Island: A Georgetown University Visit
Explore Analoston Island with Georgetown University Library. Discover the beauty and history of this unique island with photos and resources from the university's archives.
train advertisement - December 17th, 1877
Exploring the Past: Taking the Clyde's New Express Line From Georgetown to Philadelphia and Boston in 1877
Take a trip back in time to the 1870s and explore the Clyde's New Express Line from Georgetown to Philadelphia and Boston. Learn more in this blog post about the advertisement from December 17th, 1877.
Georgetown University from observatory (Library of Congress)
The Arrest of Delgado Crofton: An Embezzlement Case at Georgetown University in 1903
In August 1903, an employee of Georgetown University, Delgado Crofton, was arrested on a charge of grand larceny and accused of embezzling $2,200 of university money. Read this blog post to learn more about the case!

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