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The Arrest of Delgado Crofton: An Embezzlement Case at Georgetown University in 1903

In August 1903, an employee of Georgetown University, Delgado Crofton, was arrested on a charge of grand larceny and accused of embezzling $2,200 of university money. Read this blog post to learn more about the case!
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That might be a headline that tricks you (if you’re not a frequent GoDC reader), but this was a juicy article we came across in the Washington Post from August 16th, 1903, almost 110 years ago.

Buffalo, N. Y. Aug. 15.–Delgado Crofton, confidential secretary to Dean Kober, of Georgetown University, Washington, D. C., was arrested to-day by Detective Sergt. O’Laughlin, of Buffalo, and Detective Muller, of Washington, on a charge of grand larceny. He is accused of having embezzled, $2,200 of Georgetown University money.

Crofton was taken before a United States commissioner, as the alleged offense was committed in Washington and consequently is under United States jurisdiction. He was committed to jail.

A telegram from Detective Muller, of the local detective bureau, announced last night that he had arrested Delgado Crofton, an alleged defaulter from Georgetown Medical School in the sum of $2,200, in Buffalo, N. Y. Crofton disappeared from Washington on June 9, and his exact whereabouts were not known to Washingtonians until the receipt of the telegram last evening.

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Crofton, it was learned within the last two days, was working in a railroad office in Buffalo. taking up a clew [sic] which Detectives Muller and Cornwell discovered, Detective Muller left for Buffalo Friday night to locate the man. He was found without difficulty yesterday morning and placed under arrest. During the day he was given preliminary hearing before the United States commissioner, and was held for trial before the courts of the District of Columbia. He will be brought to Washington immediately.

Crofton was employed as private secretary to Dr. George M. Kober, dean of the medical school of Georgetown University. A few days prior to his departure from Washington, Crofton’s bond expired. It was on June 9 that he suddenly left the office. Shortly afterward it was discovered that there was a shortage in his accounts. Although several detectives were put on his track, he could not be found in the city.

Georgetown University from observatory (Library of Congress)
Georgetown University from observatory (Library of Congress)
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