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concert on the South Lawn in 1921
A Look at Concerts on the White House South Lawn from 1921 to 2009
Take a look at the history of concerts held on the White House South Lawn, from 1921 to 2009. See photos of the United States Marine Corps Band performing in 1921 and the Foo Fighters in 2009.
Gabon inauguration - James Brown
James Brown at Richard Nixon's Inauguration: Wait, What?
Believe it or not, James Brown, Godfather of Soul, performed at Richard Nixon's 1969 inauguration. Learn why he accepted the gig and how his relationship with Nixon changed over time.
Washington turns out for open air music. Washington, D.C., July 12, 1939. Sitting on stone steps near the Lincoln Memorial here, and facing a barge moored in the Potomac River, thousands of Washingtonians turned out to listen to the first of a series of summer concerts by the Washington Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Dr. Hans Kindler tonight. To give it his blessing and to enjoy the music, President Roosevelt arrived shortly before intermission accompanied by Brig. Genl. Edwin M. Watson, military aide, and Mrs. Watson (Library of Congress)
Concerts on the Watergate Steps
Discover the lesser-known history of D.C.'s iconic Watergate steps, which once resonated with the melodies of the Watergate concerts. From grand visions of dignitary arrivals to captivating symphonies by the Potomac, explore the steps' transformation through time.
Remembering Robin Gibb: Bee Gees Legacy and 1979 Capital Centre Performance
Dive into the musical journey of the Bee Gees, focusing on Robin Gibb's contribution and their iconic 1979 performance at the Capital Centre. Explore the heights of their fame in the late 70s and reminisce about Robin Gibb's enduring legacy in the music world.
Janis Joplin (Wikipedia)
Janis Joplin's 1969 Performance at Merriweather Post Pavilion: A Look Back Before Woodstock
Before Janis Joplin's defining moment at Woodstock, she rocked out at Merriweather Post Pavilion in 1969. Read a review of the show from the Washington Post and see a video of her performance!
The Police live in 1979
The Police Live in Adams Morgan in 1979: A Look Back at a Legendary Show
Take a look back at a legendary show in Adams Morgan, Washington DC in 1979 when The Police played the Ontario Theater. Read a short review of the show, and watch a video of the band playing a West German TV show.
Grateful Dead
The Grateful Dead Played a Free Show at AU in 1972: What Was the Review?
In 1972, the Grateful Dead played a free show at AU in front of 10,000 fans. Read an excerpt from the Washington Post review and stream the show on Archive.org to find out what happened!
Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis and Bruce Springsteen concert at the University of Maryland in 1973
A Look Back at a Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis and Bruce Springsteen Concert at the University of Maryland in 1973
It's 1973 and Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis and Bruce Springsteen are playing a concert together at the University of Maryland! Read a review of this legendary event, and learn about other incredible concerts that happened in DC around the same time.
Bruce Springsteen
A Fresh New Look and Springsteen at the Verizon Center - A Look Back at the Old Capital Centre
This week, the blog has a fresh new look and the Boss is rocking out at the Verizon Center. But let's not forget the old Capital Centre in Landover, MD - where many GoDCers have fond memories of great concerts. Get psyched listening to Hungry Heart and have a great show!
The Night John Lennon Died: U2 Plays Raw Emotional Gigs in 1980s Washington
U2 played an emotional show in Toronto on December 8, 1980, hours after Mark David Chapman shot John Lennon in New York City. Still reeling, the band returned soon after to play small venues in Washington D.C. like The Bayou and Ontario Theater. This meta description highlights the tragic timing of Lennon's death coinciding with U2's fledgling U.S. touring days as they built towards later superstardom.

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