Notable People & Places / 28.02.2012

Yep, that's right. Paul (aka, Bono), Adam, Larry and David (aka, The Edge) rocked the nation's capital in the early 80s. The Irish supergroup was less super back then, playing small (much smaller) venues like The Bayou in Georgetown and The Ontario Theater in Adams Morgan. How incredible would that be? I'm sure someone reading this went to one of these shows. During the first half of the 1980s, U2 made four stops in D.C. (once with a two show night). I was able to dig through old newspapers and come up with some great stuff. The first show in Washington was on December 7th, 1980 at The Bayou on K St. near Wisconsin (where the movie theater is now). This was their second concert in the U.S. after playing the night before at the Ritz in New York. In the December 5th, Baltimore Sun's "Best bets in D.C." section, next to a performance by the National Symphony Orchestra was U2, performing with the Slickee Boys at the Bayou. There is a good post about the Bayou at Georgetown Dish and there appears to be a documentary film in the works.
Notable People & Places / 16.01.2012

This one's a good one from YouTube and it's a little more contemporary, but given the artist in the video, I find this significant and musically historical. Stevie Ray Vaughan himself, was live in the nation's capital on December 27th, 1983. The venue was a place called the Wax Museum at 4th and E St. NW. Side note ... he made his D.C. debut at the legendary Bayou on K St. in Georgetown. I'll find some good posts on that place since it witnessed some pretty big acts (before they were big). Were you at this show ... or know someone that was? Add a comment below and tell us about it.