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Friendship Heights Shopping Circa 1959
This lovely old image shows Lord & Taylor way back in 1959. Check out the beautiful old cars and the lousy parking jobs.
Glenn Martin's Predictions for the Future of Aviation in 1953
Take a look at the predictions made by Glenn Martin in 1953 for the future of aviation. See how different today is from what he envisioned, including atomic-powered planes, helicopters, and fully automatic flight operations.
Exploring 1950s Washington, D.C. Through Film Footage
Discover Washington, D.C. from 1950s through film footage and narrative, including George Washington's slaves "living happily in their quarters." Watch the video to explore this fascinating era.
DC_Washington West_256983_1951_24000
Explore Washington in 1951 with this Amazing Historical Map from the U.S. Geological Survey
Take a step back in time and explore Washington in 1951 with this historical topographic map from the U.S. Geological Survey. Check it out today!
Reno Rd. NW
The Story of How Reno Road in North Cleveland Park Almost Became Washington Avenue
Learn the fascinating story of how Reno Road in North Cleveland Park almost became Washington Avenue in honor of the west coast state. Find out why the proposal was opposed by Senator Howard Cannon of Nevada.
"Saucers over Washington" (Comic)09204_2004_001
The Hot Summer of 1952: UFOs Spotted Over DC
In the hot summer of 1952, there were numerous sightings of up to seven lights floating around the night sky in DC, including over the Capitol Building. Radar operators saw strange blips on their screens, and flight attendants on planes approaching National Airport saw lights above their plane.
Amazing Photo of Washington, D.C., Taken By U.S. Air Force
Be amazed by this incredible photo of Washington, D.C., taken by the U.S. Air Force using a horizon to horizon camera. Check it out!
Queen Elizabeth and President Eisenhower in 1957
Reliving a Special Moment: President Eisenhower and Queen Elizabeth in a Lincoln Cosmopolitan, 1957
Relive a special moment in history with this wonderful old photo of President Eisenhower and Queen Elizabeth in a Lincoln Cosmopolitan in 1957. See the three photos taken that day here.
White House- Washington DC- circa 1950 Photographed by my grandfather with Leica 111c 35mm circa 1950
A Look Back: Incredible Photos of the White House Taken in 1950
Take a look back in time with these incredible photos of the White House taken in 1950. Click the link to see more photos taken by my grandfather with a Leica 111c 35mm camera.
Corner store at 4th and M Streets SW, northwest corner, looking up 4th Street toward L, 1100 block
A Look Back at Life in Southwest Washington in the 1950s
Take a look back at life in Southwest Washington in the 1950s with this photo of a corner store at 4th and M St. SW. See how the same corner looks today with a Google Maps embed.

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