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The History and Politics of Daylight Savings in the United States

Learn the fascinating history and politics of Daylight Savings in the United States, from the debate in Capitol Hill in 1918 to the push for grassroots mobilization.
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We haven’t always had daylight savings … back in 1918, there was debate on Capitol Hill about time zones and daylight savings. Interestingly enough, we did not have standardized time zones until the passage of the Standard Time Act in 1918.

Congress passes daylight savings bill
Congress passes daylight savings bill

Below is an interesting postcard sponsored by the United Cigar Stores Company, and they were very much in favor of daylight savings. The more daylight they had, the easier it was to grow more tobacco … and the more tobacco, the more cigars they could produce. This was their push for grassroots mobilization.

It’s always about the bottom line when lobbying Congress.

Saving Daylight! postcard (1918)
Saving Daylight! postcard (1918)
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