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Day: January 18, 2012

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Rock Creek Park stone bridge - Beach Drive

Why Is It Named Beach Drive?

If you’ve spent any time in Rock Creek Park, you have seen or crossed over this bridge. Below is a little history on it from a plan documenting the structure in 1995. And to the right is a photo I found of Lansing H. Beach, the man that was in charge of the design and […]

Close up of accident at Columbia Rd. and Sherman Ave. NW

Wreck at Columbia Rd. and Sherman Ave. NW

Here are a couple photos from my new favorite site, Shorpy. This was taken on January 5th, 1921 at the intersection of Columbia Rd. and Sherman Ave. NW. Now this is cool … take a look at the photo of the same intersection today (courtesy Google Street View). Both photos are looking east down Columbia […]

Beach Policeman (1922)

Bathing Suit Police at the Tidal Basin

Here’s an amazing shot I found on Shorpy (what an amazing site), taken at the Tidal Basin bathing beach in 1922. The photograph is Washington police officer Bill Norton measuring the distance between the knee and the swimsuit. Colonel Sherrill, the Superintendent of Public Buildings and Grounds had issues an order that suits not be over […]

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