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Wisconsin Ave. NW

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Recalling the Metro Construction on Wisconsin Ave. During the 1970s
Take a trip back in time to the 1970s and learn about the construction of the Metro along Wisconsin Avenue. We've dug up an old Washington Post article from 1978 and a great diagram!
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Proposed Demolition of McLean Gardens; Replaced by Embassy Complex
McLean Gardens in Cleveland Park was almost razed and replaced by a complex of foreign embassies.
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Remember This Super Ugly Giant on Wisconsin Ave.? It's Soon to be the New Cathedral Commons!
Remember this super ugly Giant on Wisconsin Ave. near the Cathedral? It's soon going to be the new Cathedral Commons! This old photo was taken in the summer of 1942.
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A Look Back at "Rush Hour" in 1960s DC
Take a look back in time to 1960s Washington, DC, when the streets were filled with cars and buses during what looked like "rush hour." See the photo and read the story of the days before streetcar tracks were taken out.
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Exploring the Past: A Look at the McDowell Gas Station at 5252 Wisconsin Ave. NW in Friendship Heights
Take a look into the past and explore the McDowell gas station at 5252 Wisconsin Ave. NW in Friendship Heights, DC. It held a prominent place in the Washington, DC landscape during World War II, and today, the spot is occupied by a parking garage near Mazza Gallerie.
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If Walls Could Talk: The History of 1229 Wisconsin Ave. NW (Georgetown Apple Store)
Explore the history of Georgetown's Apple Store, located at 1229 Wisconsin Ave NW. It's been many things, including a diner, a parking lot, ESPRIT Superstore, and a national chain of disposers of stolen property.
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The History of Naming Decisions for Wisconsin Avenue (formerly High Street and Tennallytown Road)
Ever wondered why Wisconsin Avenue was known as High Street and further up as Tennallytown Road? Learn the history behind the naming decisions and why the ultimate preference of the people is still a much mooted question.
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The History of Cathedral Heights, From Wild Dogs to Real Estate Mogul William Matteson
Learn the unique history of Cathedral Heights, from its early days of wild dogs to real estate mogul William Matteson. Read an article from 1907 that announced the birth of Cathedral Highlands and the important role Matteson played in its development.
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Exploring the History of Pearson's Liquor Store in Glover Park
Explore the history of Pearson's Liquor Store in Glover Park, DC, from 1933 to present day. Hear stories about yeggmen, traffic deaths, price fixing, and more!
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