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Hanging at Ft. Granger of William O Williams and Gip Peters Harper’s Weekly July 4 1863
The Story of William Orton Williams and Walter Gibson "Gip" Peter: Two Relatives of Robert E. Lee Who Were Hanged as Spies
Learn the story of William Orton Williams and Walter Gibson "Gip" Peter, two relatives of Robert E. Lee who were hanged as spies. This guest post is an excerpt from Canden Schwantes' book "Wicked Georgetown: Scoundrels, Sinners and Spies".
Read This Book: A Neighborhood Guide to Washington, D.C.'s Hidden History
Get the scoop on Washington, D.C.'s less-known historical sites with this book. Learn about the Kennedy-Warren Apartments, Brumidi House, and other fascinating places. If you're a D.C. history nerd, you can't miss this book!

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