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1963 March on Washington site map
March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom: A Look Back at the Liquor Ban on August 28, 1963
Learn about the liquor ban enacted on August 28, 1963 to mark the historic March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom. Discover what Washingtonians were told about traffic, transit, telework, and more for the momentous event.
view down Pennsylvania Ave. NW
A Look Back in Time: Pennsylvania Ave. in the 1920s
Take a look back in time with this beautiful photo of Pennsylvania Ave. in the 1920s. We did a little Googling to find this one and came across it here.
traffic heading down Route 1 (1940)
A Picture of Traffic Heading Up Route 1 Towards Maryland - It Doesn't Look That Bad!
Get an interesting look at traffic heading up Route 1 towards Maryland - you might be surprised to see that it doesn't look that bad! Check out this photo from 1940 for a snapshot of what it looked like then.
Rock Creek and Potomac Parkway one-way hours (Wikipedia)
The History of the One-Way Rules on the Rock Creek and Potomac Parkway
Trace the history of the one-way rules on the Rock Creek and Potomac Parkway, from its start in 1938 to when it was extended in 1939. Learn how many policemen it takes to change it from two-way to one-way!
Aerial view of a traffic jam, 14th Street and the Mall, Washington, D.C., Apr. 1937. 30-N-37-1360A. (National Archives)
Check Out This Epic Traffic Jam on Constitution Avenue from 1937
Check out this epic traffic jam on Constitution Avenue from 1937 - and find out why it's called Constitution Avenue! Learn about the history of this iconic street in Washington DC.

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