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Capitol Building circa 1863
A Rare Glimpse of the Capitol Building from the Civil War: The Photograph by Mathew Brady
Take a look at this historic photograph of the Capitol Building from the Civil War, taken by the acclaimed photographer Mathew Brady. Learn about the Civil War and see the photo here.
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Uncovering the Lives of Five Newspaper Boys in a Photo from 1912
Join us on a journey to uncover the lives of five newspaper boys, photographed in 1912 in front of the Capitol Building in Washington, DC. We'll explore what happened to them after this photo was taken.
New York Avenue after the riots in 1968
Exploring Washington, D.C. Through the Photos of GoDCer Tony, a D.C. Native
Explore Washington, D.C. through the eyes of GoDCer Tony - a D.C. native. Tony's father was a pilot with Eastern Airlines and he's shared some of his photos, including shots of National Airport (not Reagan), the 1962 MLB All-Star Game at D.C. Stadium (i.e., RFK) and more!
Map exhibiting the property of the U.S. in the vicinity of the Capitol : colored red, with the manner in which it is proposed to lay off the same in building lots, as described in the report to the Sup't of the city to which this is annexed / BHLatrobe, one of the surveyors of the city of Washington, Dec. 3d 1815.
Explore a Rare 1815 Property Value Map of Washington, DC
Check out this rare 1815 property value map of Washington, DC. Click on the map for greater detail and discover the city's history.
View of the Capitol, by Charles Burton, Watercolor on Paper - 1824 (source: U.S. Capitol Visitor Center)
A Look Back at the Capitol Building in 1824: An Iconic Image by Charles Burton
Take a look back at the Capitol Building in 1824 with this iconic image by Charles Burton. Learn more about the history of the Capitol and see other amazing photos from the past.
1846 photo of the Capitol Building
A Look at the Capitol Building in 1846 Through John Plumbe's Photograph
Take a look at the Capitol Building in 1846 through John Plumbe's remarkable photograph. This daguerreotype shows the east front of the Capitol Building, noticeably different than it looks today. Source: Library of Congress.
photograph of the Capitol under construction in 1858
The U.S. Capitol Under Construction in 1858
Take a look at this rare photograph of the U.S. Capitol under construction in 1858. View the amazing details and stores lining Pennsylvania Ave before the Civil War. Click for the higher resolution image!
Washington, D.C., 1924. "Ford Motor Co. -- Lincoln at Capitol." The Great Transportator. National Photo Company glass negative (Shorpy)
1924 Ford at the Capitol Building - A Captivating Photograph
A captivating photograph from 1924 of a Ford car in the foreground with the Capitol Building in the background. Learn more about this historic image and its context by reading this blog post.
Film Footage of Washington in 1931
This is amateur 16mm film shot and uploaded to YouTube. The voiceover is amusing, but the scenes are a great step back in time over 80 years.
Capitol Building after World War I Armistace Day (DC Public Library Commons)
A Look Back at the Unbelievable Celebration of the End of World War I in Washington, DC
Take a look back at the unbelievable celebration of the end of World War I in Washington, DC. Read the Baltimore Sun report & see the Capitol Building fully lit up following the announcement of the armistice!

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