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Lone Star Diplomacy: Texas' Ambassadors to the United States Before Annexation
Explore the intricate dance of 19th-century diplomacy between Texas & the U.S. Uncover the envoys pivotal to this historic union.
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The Credentials of Sam Houston: The First Senator from Texas
Learn about the credentials of Sam Houston, the first Senator from Texas, and the only man to have held the position of President of the Republic of Texas. Read about his official letter of credentials sent to Washington by the first Governor of Texas, Joseph P. Henderson.
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President Kennedy's Non-Political Texas Trip, Two Days Before He Was Assassinated
On November 20th, 1963, President Kennedy made a 'non-political' trip to Texas, the Vice President's home state. Two days later, he was assassinated. Read more here to learn about the events leading up to his tragic death.
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