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This U.S. mail streetcar, owned and operated by the Capital Traction Company, was used to process and transport mail in Washington, DC.
Identifying the Location of a U.S. Mail Car Photo Taken in 1900
Can you identify the location of this U.S. mail car photo taken in 1900? Learn more about the Capital Traction Company and their mail car as we explore the history of this photo and an old film of a mail streetcar heading down Pennsylvania Ave. NW.
streetcars on New York Ave. (Library of Congress)
Exploring Washington DC History Through Old Photos: Streetcars at 15th and New York Ave. NW
Take a look back in time with us as we explore Washington DC's history through old photos. This one shows streetcars waiting at 15th and New York Ave. NW, near the White House and Department of Treasury.
1936 streetcar map
Uncovering the Past: Exploring the Major Streetcar Routes of 1936
Take a look into the past with this fascinating map that shows the major streetcar routes of 1936. Explore the history and uncover the secrets of this incredible route map.
Clayton Morgan, Jr.
The Bizarre Incident Where a Man Took a Streetcar for an Illegal Joyride on Pennsylvania Ave.
On October 28th, 1957, the Washington Post reported on a bizarre incident where a man took a streetcar for an illegal joyride down Pennsylvania Ave. What happened next? Read this incredible story to find out!
Walter Reed wreck
The Walter Reed Streetcar Wreck of October 13th, 1919
On October 13th, 1919, an out-of-control streetcar crashed into a military truck near Walter Reed, instantly killing one passenger and injuring 18 others. Learn more about this tragic accident and the Baltimore Sun's special report the following day.
Washington, D.C., circa 1919. "Street scene, Pennsylvania Avenue." Here we see the tower of the Old Post Office as well as a number of vanished Washington landmarks including the Parker Bridget department store.
A Rare Glimpse Back in Time: Revisiting the Pennsylvania Avenue of 1909 and 1919
Take a rare glimpse back in time and explore Pennsylvania Avenue as it was in 1909 and 1919. See the differences and similarity and explore this amazing part of history!
Pennsylvania Ave. film footage
A Rare Look Back in Time - A Film Clip of Pennsylvania Ave. NW Between 10th and 11th Streets Taken in 1909
Check out this incredible GoDCer contribution - a 1909 film clip of Pennsylvania Ave. NW between 10th and 11th Streets. Tom from Bethesda sent this over to share with everyone else. Watch the whole thing and marvel at how chaotic the street scene was back then.
streetcar entering Dupont Underground near end of construction in 1949 (theatlanticcities.com)
Taking a Tour of the Dupont Underground: Stepping Back in Time to 1955
Take a tour of the Dupont Underground and you feel like you are stepping back into 1955. Learn about the history of the Dupont Circle underground station, from its construction in 1948 to its ambitious repurposing project today.
14th St. car barn under construction - August 2nd, 1907 (Washington Times)
The Giant Car Barn on 14th St. NW: A 1907 Story
Take a look back at the past century with this story of the giant car barn on 14th Street NW in 1907. Learn how it was built, what it cost and what it means today.
Aerial view in front of the Willard Hotel at 14th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue, showing pedestrians and rather dense traffic in autos and streetcars. - 1939
Flipping the Order of My Posts: An Afternoon Photo Post from 14th and Pennsylvania Ave. NW
Today, I'm flipping the order or my posts and kicking the morning off with a cool old photo from Shorpy, taken at the intersection of 14th and Pennsylvania Ave. NW. Click the photo for a higher resolution image and share this one with your friends on Facebook.

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