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Revisiting Streetcar Life in Washington, DC: A Look Back at Life in 1943
What was it like riding the streetcars of Washington on the 1940s? Take a look at this series of great old photos.
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Step Back in Time: Take a Look at What a D.C. Streetcar Looked Like Over 100 Years Ago
Take a trip back in time and see what a D.C. streetcar looked like well over 100 years ago. Click on the image for more details and soak up the nostalgia.
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Explore the Washington Streetcar System from 1912
Take a look at this historic map of the Washington streetcar system from 1912, courtesy of the Library of Congress! Click to see a bigger, detailed version of this fascinating map.
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Retro Tour of Washington D.C.: Fascinating Footage from the 1950s
Take a trip back in time with this fascinating footage from the 1950s of Washington D.C.! See recognizable spots like the Dupont Underground, East Capitol St., and Union Station. A must-watch for any history buff!
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A Look Back at Union Station in Washington, DC in 1920
Take a look at this photo of Union Station in Washington, DC from around 1920. Two streetcars sit in front of the iconic building. Source: Library of Congress.
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Cursed Streetcar: The Tragic Story of Levin Ward and the Georgetown and Tennallytown Electric Railroad
Read the tragic story of Levin Ward, a 65-year-old soldier from Tennallytown struck by the Georgetown and Tennallytown Electric Railroad's Car No. 9. See his 1880 U.S. Census entry and learn why this streetcar was cursed.
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We Love Streetcars and Old Photos of the Capitol Building: Here's One from 1947
Take a step back in time and explore the Capitol Building in 1947. We love streetcars and old photos of the Capitol Building, and this shot from 1947 is a great example of this. Source: Jalopy Journal.
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Unbelievable! Check Out This Highly Detailed Map of Washington Streetcars from 1880
Check out this highly detailed map of Washington streetcars from 1880. Get a glimpse of history and explore the past. Source: Library of Congress.
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Take a Trip Back in Time with This Video of the Old D.C. Streetcar System
Take a trip back in time with this video of the old D.C. streetcar system. Watch as the iconic streetcars from the past roll down the streets of Washington D.C. and learn about the history of the city.
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Take a Trip Down Memory Lane: Watch This Incredible Footage of the 82 Streetcar Line from Eckington to College Park
Take a trip down memory lane and watch this incredible footage of the 82 streetcar line from Eckington, heading through northeast, up to Mount Rainier, Hyattsville, Riverdale Park, and College Park. It's really long, but well worth a watch!
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