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Swearing in of Dwight Davis as Assistant Secretary of War on March 5th, 1923

Three Secretaries of War and Where They Lived

We thought it would be interesting to do a little research on old members of the Cabinet and see where they used to live. Below we dug up some stories about three Secretaries of War and where they used to live in Washington. All three of their homes still stand today. 1. Jacob M. Dickinson […]

Parade of 'Reds' Here Ends in Arrest of 29 - November 11th, 1928 (Washington Post)

Parade of Communists Arrested at State, War and Navy Building

Everyone is aware of the communist scare stirred up by Senator McCarthy in the 1950s. Due to the media circus around that, sensationalizing it for the masses, it is still what we think of when we talk of anti-communism. We shouldn’t forget that there was a first Red Scare, earlier in the century. McCarthy was […]

Japanese embassy posing for photo with naval officers at Washington's navy yard (Library of Congress)

Arrival of First Japanese Embassy at the Navy Yard (1860)

In January 1860, the Tokugawa shogunate sent a delegation to the United States with the primary objective of ratifying the Treaty of Friendship, Commerce and Navigation (aka, the Harris Treaty). Commodore Matthew Perry (not Chandler) had opened Japan (forcefully) in 1854 and this was the first Japanese diplomatic mission sent to the United States. This historic event is particularly […]

Capitol Building after World War I Armistace Day (DC Public Library Commons)

Washington Goes Wild to Celebrate Armistice Signing (1918)

Here’s an excellent photo from the DC Public Library Flickr photostream. This shows the Capitol Building fully lit up following announcement of the end of World War I. The end of the Great War has lost its luster in place of the end of the Second World War … but it was an equally, if […]

White House callers on January 24th, 2012

100 Years Ago: Who Visited the White House?

For the next “This Day in History” post, I came across this list of White House visitors for January 24th, 1912. A long list of prominent individuals visited President Taft that day, from the Italian Ambassador, to the Secretary of War and many Members of Congress. This is the early 20th century version of open […]

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