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Where Three Former Secretaries of War Used to Live in Washington
Learn more about three former US Secretaries of War and where they used to live in Washington, DC. All three of their homes still stand today. Read our blog to learn more.
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The First Red Scare: A Communist Protest in Washington, DC in 1928
Explore the history of the First Red Scare in Washington, DC in 1928, with an article about a protest outside the State, War and Navy Building. Learn about the labor movement and how it pushed socialist and communist ideologies on the working class.
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Arrival of First Japanese Embassy at the Navy Yard (1860)
In January 1860, the Tokugawa shogunate sent a delegation to the United States with the primary objective of ratifying the Treaty of Friendship, Commerce and Navigation (aka, the Harris Treaty). Commodore Matthew Perry (not Chandler) had opened Japan (forcefully) in 1854 and this was the first Japanese diplomatic mission sent to the United States. This historic event is particularly...
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Celebrating the End of World War I in Washington, DC
Celebrate the end of WWI with Washington, DC! Take a look at photos and videos of the unbelievable scenes of joy, celebration and delirious emotion that gripped the nation's capital on Armistice Day.
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A Look Back at the White House Visitors on January 24th, 1912
Take a look back at the early 20th century version of open government and transparency with this review of the White House visitors list from January 24th, 1912, when President Taft received members of Congress, ambassadors and more.
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