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First Japanese Embassy in America: Ending Centuries of Isolationism
Dive into the captivating tale of Japan's 1860 leap from centuries of isolation to forging ties with the U.S. Uncover their daring voyage, America's samurai intrigue, and the birth of a legendary alliance.
Swearing in of Dwight Davis as Assistant Secretary of War on March 5th, 1923
Where Three Former Secretaries of War Used to Live in Washington
Learn more about three former US Secretaries of War and where they used to live in Washington, DC. All three of their homes still stand today. Read our blog to learn more.
Parade of 'Reds' Here Ends in Arrest of 29 - November 11th, 1928 (Washington Post)
The First Red Scare: A Look Back at the Communist Protest Outside the State, War and Navy Building in 1928
Take a look back at the first Red Scare of the 20th century, when a communist protest outside the State, War and Navy Building in 1928 led to the arrest of 29 people. Learn more about the International Defense League of America and the labor movement pushing socialist or communist ideologies on the working class.
Capitol Building after World War I Armistace Day (DC Public Library Commons)
A Look Back at the Unbelievable Celebration of the End of World War I in Washington, DC
Take a look back at the unbelievable celebration of the end of World War I in Washington, DC. Read the Baltimore Sun report & see the Capitol Building fully lit up following the announcement of the armistice!
White House callers on January 24th, 2012
A Look Back at the White House Visitors on January 24th, 1912
Take a look back at the early 20th century version of open government and transparency with this review of the White House visitors list from January 24th, 1912, when President Taft received members of Congress, ambassadors and more.

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