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Film Footage of D.C. After 1968 Riots
Here is some really sad and devastating film footage that we dug up showing the city after the riots of 1968.
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What Did Columbia Heights Look Like After the 1968 Riots?
A series of tragic photos showing Columbia Heights after the 1968 Washington, DC riots.
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Witnessing History: Revisiting the Devastation of the 1968 MLK Assassination Riots
Witnessing history! Revisit the devastation of the 1968 MLK assassination riots with this old film from the National Archives. A must-see for all.
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A Sad Day for D.C.: Remembering the 1968 Riots
This week, we remember the 1968 riots in Washington, D.C. that left the city in ruins and resulted in the deaths of several people. No commentary needed on this one. It's a sad day for D.C.
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Exploring the Aftermath of the 1968 Riots on H Street in Washington, DC
Take a look at this amazing photograph of H Street in Washington, DC after the 1968 riots. See if you can make out where this is on H Street and explore the aftermath of the riots.
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The Powerful and Haunting Image of Mr. Henry's Boarded Up for Protection in 1968
Revisit the powerful and haunting image of Mr. Henry's boarded up in 1968 in Washington, DC. This photo was uncovered from the DC Almanac.
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Investigating the Location of an American Rescue Workers Thrift Store Destroyed During the 1968 DC Riots
Join us as we investigate the location of an American Rescue Workers Thrift Store destroyed during the 1968 DC Riots. We need your help identifying the buildings and whether they are still standing today.
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Impressive Words from a Ten-Year-Old: A Video from 1968
Check out this impressive video from 1968 that features a powerful quote from a ten-year-old. The quote is so powerful that it brings tears to the eyes of the teacher reading it. Impressive words for anybody.
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President Johnson Signs the 1968 Civil Rights Act: A Look Back at the Speech
Revisit the momentous speech when President Johnson signed the 1968 Civil Rights Act into law. Reflection on the weight of the moment, and the significance of the civil rights movement.
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A Then and Now Look at 9th and U Street During the '68 Riots
Take a look back in time at 9th and U Street during the '68 Riots. See then and now photos of the area and discover the history behind the building now occupied by Dickson Wine Bar.
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The Burning City: The Aftermath of Martin Luther King Jr's Assassination
Revisit the devastation of the city of Washington DC in 1968 following the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. with video, photos, and related articles from the time.
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