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The Unseen Dangers of Renting a Home: Examining a 1935 Photograph
Take a closer look at this 1935 photograph from the Library of Congress and explore the unseen dangers of renting a home. This photo captures the struggles of people looking for a place to stay during a crowded and difficult time.
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Exploring the Lives of the Poor in Georgetown, DC in the 1930s
Explore the lives of the poor in Georgetown, DC in the 1930s before World War II. Learn about a photograph taken in 1935 showing a group of young children playing on a street in Georgetown and the sheer joy on the face of the kid to the left.
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Investigating a 1935 Photo of Massachusetts Avenue: Where are These Homes Today?
We found a photo from 1935 of Massachusetts Avenue, but we're not sure where it is. Any ideas? Go to lunch, show your friends, debate it and post your thoughts in the comments below. Are these homes still there?
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Exploring the Row Houses of Massachusetts Avenue near Union Station in 1935
Take a look back in time to explore the row houses of Massachusetts Avenue near Union Station in Washington, D.C. in 1935. See a closeup of the old brick structure and learn about the shabbiness of the interior of the homes.
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