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Betty White on the Betty White Show (Wikipedia)

A Window into the Past: A Look at the TV Guide from 1955

Take a look into the past with this 1955 TV Guide from the National Archives! See what was popular in the 1950s with Pinky Lee, CONCERNING MISS MARLOWE, Hoppity Skippity and more. Plus, find out which TV star has been around since 1954: Betty White!

Babe Ruth signs up for the New York National Guard

Babe Ruth Enlists with the New York National Guard in 1924

George Herman "Babe" Ruth, the most popular man in America at the time, enlisted with the New York National Guard in 1924. Read the story of his enlistment and see photos from the event. Plus, find out what happened when the Yankees came to town for a doubleheader.

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