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A Look Back at the Jefferson Memorial in 1940 and Today
Go back in time and take a look at the Jefferson Memorial in 1940 and today. See two photos of the iconic memorial and learn more about its history!
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What Did It Look Like Before the Jefferson Memorial?
Check out this great photo from 1908. The Jefferson Memorial wasn’t completed until 1943, so this is what the area looked like for another 35 years. The view south from the top of the Washington Monument. Ice covers half of the Tidal Basin Source: Flickr user Rob Ketcherside
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Exploring the Mystery of this Cool 1960s Photo
Take a trip back in time and explore the mystery of this cool 1960s photo. See if you can help us figure out when it was taken and more!
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Jefferson Memorial and Capitol Seen From Washington Monument (1942)
Check out this cool photo that we dug up on Flickr. It was taken in 1942, and the Jefferson Memorial is not quite ready for dedication. It would open on April 13th, 1943. southern view of the Jefferson Memorial (1942) And here’s a cool eastern view from the Washington Monument, looking down the National Mall toward the Capitol Building. Look how young the trees are. view of the Capitol...
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National Park Shutdown Ruins Weddings, But Some Find Hope
The government shutdown has ruined wedding plans for dozens of couples across the country, but some have found hope in the form of backup venues and even a wedding on TV! Read about the human element of this story in our latest blog post.
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On Shaky Grounds: Controversy and New Memorials in Washington DC
This is a guest post by Rick. He also wrote a good one on the White House Easter Egg Roll. The Ghosts of DC sometimes take shape in the midst of controversy, although most seem to recede from memory but their remains continue as companions. The brouhaha surrounding the design of the Eisenhower memorial may be viewed by some as a matter of a difference of aesthetic opinions or one side’s concern...
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A Glimpse into D.C. During World War II: A Video from the 1944 Cherry Blossom Festival
Take a peek into the past and watch a video from the 1944 Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, D.C. during World War II. Enjoy the nostalgic vibes and a unique glimpse into the city during wartime. Pardon the music - mute it for the best experience.
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