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The York Theatre in the 1920s
Exploring the York Theatre's History in Petworth, Washington DC
Discover the history of the York Theatre, located in Petworth, Washington DC. Opened in 1919, explore photos from the theater, including an awesome old photo from Flickr. Learn more!
Tivoli Theater (photo by Flickr user dbking)
If Walls Could Talk: Tivoli Theater Was "The Temple of the Arts"
Tivoli Theater at night You can’t walk past the Tivoli Theater in Columbia Heights and not admire it, imagining what the surrounding streets were like in the late 1920s. The arrival of Harry Crandall’s new theater was a big deal for the area and let’s not forget that just a couple of years earlier, his Knickerbocker Theatre was the site of the catastrophic roof collapse that killed 98 people. Here’s an article from the Washington Post on February 17th, 1924, before the...

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