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Reliving the Fourth of July in Washington, DC - 1919
Relive the Fourth of July in Washington, DC, way back in 1919 with these amazing photos from the Library of Congress. Take a step back in time!
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Celebrating the Fourth of July at the Foot of the Washington Monument in 1919
Celebrate the 4th of July with us by taking a look at this amazing old photograph of the crowd gathered at the foot of the Washington Monument in 1919! See the photo here.
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Celebrating Independence Day in 1914: A Look Back at Rock Creek Park
Take a look back at how Washingtonians celebrated Independence Day in 1914. We've dug up photos, a program, and more from the Library of Congress to show what a Fourth of July celebration in Rock Creek Park looked like!
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Fascinating Costumes and Facial Expressions from a Century Ago
Step back in time and explore the fascinating costumes and facial expressions of 1919. See a "Fourth of July tableau on the Ellipse" featuring 'Columbia', 'Liberty' and dancers in a stunning Harris & Ewing Collection glass negative.
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John Carroll Brent's Appeal for Funds to Complete the Washington Monument in 1854
In 1854, John Carroll Brent called upon Americans to donate funds to complete the Washington Monument with the upcoming Fourth of July celebrations. Learn more about this failed attempt and the history of the monument.
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Reliving the Beach Boys' Concert on the National Mall in the 80s
Join us as we relive the Beach Boys' concert on the National Mall in the 80s and share your own memories of this iconic show!
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